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Sophie Molholm

Symposium: Multisensory integration: Evidence from human and non-human primate studies
Multiple Paper Presentation

Sophie Molholm
Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

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     Last modified: May 28, 2007
     Presentation date: 07/06/2007 2:00 PM in Quad General Lecture Theatre
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Symposium Overview
Human and non-human primate neurophysiology provides a unique view into the temporal and spatial dynamics of multisensory influences on information processing. Recent findings from this approach will be presented. Some of these data present a wholly new framework within which the cortical neural dynamics of multisensory processing can be understood, while other data challenge prevailing views of the principles under which multisensory interactions are likely to occur. In addition the effects of higher-order processes such as attention and stimulus congruency on multisensory processing will be considered. Arnaud Falchier will discuss the role of oscillatory phase dynamics in multisensory processes and the anatomical network; John Foxe spatial constraints on subcortical versus cortical multisensory processes; and Sophie Molholm multisensory object recognition and attention.

Papers in this Symposium:

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