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Stas Krupenia

Effect of head mounted displays and multimodal support on detection of unexpected events
Poster Presentation

Stas Krupenia
School of Psychology, The University of Queensland

Penelope Sanderson
School of Psychology, The University of Queensland

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     Presentation date: 07/07/2007 10:00 AM in Quad Maclauren Hall
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We explore whether using a transparent monocular Head Mounted Display (HMD) exacerbates inattentional blindness, as suggested by Jarmasz, Herdman and Johannsdottir (2005), and whether multimodal support for HMD-mediated tasks reduces inattentional blindness. In Experiment 1 participants performed a divided attention visual monitoring task using either a single computer screen, dual computer screens, or an HMD plus single computer screen. An unexpected event (UE) always appeared on the computer screen. UE detection was best with dual screens, next best with the single screen, and worst with the HMD plus screen. In Experiment 2 a visual monitoring task with more equally-divided attentional demands was used, resulting in worse UE detection with the HMD. More stringent focusing for the HMD removed this effect, but is irrelevant for field applications. In Experiment 3, auditory support for the monitoring task improved UE detection. We are currently examining whether inattentional blindness is more pronounced when the UE is placed on the HMD, where it is vulnerable to binocular suppression. Preliminary results suggest that the degree of similarity between UE and context may have a particularly pronounced effect on inattentional blindness for UEs on the HMD. We discuss the results from both basic and applied perspectives.

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