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Keiko Omori

Does haptic information on a plane surface alter the appearance of the visual illusion?
Poster Presentation

Keiko Omori
Department of Psychology, Nihon University

Yukio Itsukushima
Department of Psychology, Nihon University

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     Presentation date: 07/05/2007 10:00 AM in Quad Maclauren Hall
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Our previous study demonstrated that the information given by touch altered the appearance of visual illusion despite the dominance of visual experience (Omori et al., 2005). In the previous study, wooden pieces with various curvatures were used as haptic stimuli. In the present study, we used stereoscopic print of the Hering and Wundt figures which had various curvatures of test lines. We investigate whether the haptic information which was presented on a plane surface (stereoscopic print) can change the seeing of the lines on the visual illusions. Participants judged the extent of apparent curvature of each visual test figure, with or without touching. It was found that some information given by touch can change the seeing on visual illusions. Moreover, the results showed that the biased tendencies in apparent curvature coincided with the information given by touch. However, compared with our previous study (Omori et al., 2005), the effect of haptic information on a plane surface was partial. Therefore, it can be concluded that the 3D haptic information plays a very important role that determine the touch-oriented perception.

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