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Shinichi Kita

Visuotactile attention shift
Single Paper Presentation

Shinichi Kita
Department of Psychology, Kobe University

Taichi Higashi
Department of Psychology, Kobe University

Tomomi Hata
Department of Psychology, Kobe University

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     Last modified: May 30, 2007
     Presentation date: 07/05/2007 11:30 AM in Quad General Lecture Theatre
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Same-object effect, which has been regarded as a phenomenon crucial to visual attention, is examined in the visual and tactile sensation. Objecthood is defined with conjugate movements or the law of common fate where two solid bars attached loosely to a bench sway unsteadily. Precueing paradigm is employed that the cue presented at an end of one of the bars precedes the target presented at the other end of the same bar or at an end of the other bar. Multisensory situation is introduced that the cue and the target are presented either as visual stimuli of light flash or as tactile stimuli of electric pulse. Reaction times for the detection of the target appearance show the same-object effect that attention shifts faster within the bar compared with between the bars. This effect is obtained not only in the single modal condition in which the cues and targets are presented in the same sensory modality but in the cross modal condition in which they are presented in the different sensory modalities. These results indicate the object representation common to multiple sensory modalities modulates attention shift.

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