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Sascha Tyll

Saliency affects the width of the audiovisual integration window
Poster Presentation

Sascha Tyll
Neurology II, University of Magdeburg

Viktoria Kwiatkowski
Neurology II, University of Magdeburg

Hans-Jochen Heinze
Neurology II, University of Magdeburg

Toemme Noesselt
Neurology II, University of Magdeburg

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     Last modified: March 5, 2007
     Presentation date: 07/06/2007 10:00 AM in Quad Maclauren Hall
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Previous studies on multimodal integration have shown that an additional stimulus within an unattended modality can improve behavioural performance of the attended one (Bolognini, 2003; Stein, 1996). Here, we investigated whether stimulus saliency modulates the temporal integration window. Visual stimuli (gabor gratings) of different saliency levels were presented with or without sound stimuli, while subjects performed a visual detection task. The stimulus onset asynchrony of visual and auditory stimuli was also manipulated (9 SOAs, range: 200 ms visual leading to 200ms auditory leading, steps: 50ms). Signal detection measures, d-prime and beta, were computed to disentangle perceptual sensitivity from response bias. For less salient stimuli, we found that d-prime was significantly enhanced only for synchronous audiovisual condition (SOA 0 ms) relative to the unimodal visual condition; for more salient stimuli d-prime was significantly enhanced in the range from 50 ms auditory leading to 100 ms visual leading. These results indicate that the integration window widens for the salient target stimuli.

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