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Isabelle Viaud-Delmon

Multisensory memory span
Poster Presentation

Isabelle Viaud-Delmon

Frédéric Bevilacqua

Olivier Warusfel

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     Presentation date: 07/07/2007 10:00 AM in Quad Maclauren Hall
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Verbal and visuospatial spans (block span) are classical ways to evaluate working memory. We devised a new way to assess spatial memory span, in order to study the role of multisensory information in the capacity of information storage.
Six large grey dots (30 cm in diameter) were presented on a large screen (2.7 x 2 meters) along a semi-circle, upon a dark background. On each trial, dots were sequentially highlighted (up to 9 times) in white, at a rate of one dot every 1 second.
A video-captured image of the participant was embedded in the visual stimulation, so that the dots were surrounding the subject’s mirrored silhouette. The video-captured image of the participant was used to track the subject’s movements and allowed him to interact with the projected dots when appropriate. The subject, standing 2 meters away from the screen, was asked to reproduce the sequences with either a mouse click on the dots, either with pointing movements on the dots.
Four conditions were evaluated combining visual vs auditory-visual information and reproduction modes. Different sensory conditions yielded to different memory spans, and suggested that multisensory information may be efficient in learning task but not in immediate recall.

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