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Junji Watanabe

Pseudo-haptic feeling based on visual feedback of background motion
Poster Presentation

Junji Watanabe
PRESTO Japan Science & Technology Agency / NTT Communication Science Laboratories

Eisuke Kusachi

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     Last modified: March 17, 2007
     Presentation date: 07/07/2007 10:00 AM in Quad Maclauren Hall
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Recently, a haptic interaction technique using visual feedback was proposed, that did not require the use of any haptic apparatuses (Lecuyer et al., 2004). The study consisted of modifying the motion of a cursor on a computer screen. When the speed of cursor is suitably changed in an area, the user can feel pseudo- bumps and holes in the area. Based on this knowledge, we have found that pseudo-haptic interaction can also be achieved without modifying the cursor speed by only changing the speed of background movement. That is, even if the representation of the userís action (the movement of the cursor) is not directly changed, the visual feedback from the relative movement between the cursor and the background image can trigger pseudo-haptic feelings. In our condition, the background image is automatically and continuously moved in a direction, while the user can freely control the movement of the cursor. When the cursor goes into a particular area, the speed of the background movement is suddenly reduced, allowing the viscous sensation of the texture to be perceived in the area. Here we report the optimal parameters of this phenomenon such as the range of background motion, and the speed reduction rate.

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