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Symposium: Experimental Aesthetics (Unilever)

Choice Blindness and Introspective Access in Preferential Decision Making
Petter Johansson
Defining the cognitive and neural foundations of tactile aesthetics
Alberto Gallace, Charles Spence
Interaction of sound and vision in the perception of tranquillity
David Whitaker, Rob Pheasant, Kirill Horoshenkov, Greg Watts, James Heron
Visual and aesthetic processing of the human body: a sensorimotor approach.
Beatriz Calvo-Merino, Helge Gillmeister, Guido Orgs, Patrick Haggard, Bettina Forster

Symposium: MSI and body experience

A brain full of body maps: cortical mapping of the somatosensory, visual, motor and mental imagery representations of our body scheme using fMRI
Amir Amedi
Multisensory mechanisms of body ownership
H. Henrik Ehrsson
The right and left of crossed hands confusions
David I Shore
My face in yours: Behavioural and Electrophysiological correlates of ‘enfacement’
Ilaria Bufalari, Anna Laura Sforza, Salvatore Maria Aglioti
Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence of Motor Cortex Activation Related to an Amputated Limb: a Multisensorial Approach
Pascale Touzalin-Chretien, Solange Ehrler, André Dufour
Haptic perception of object size after a change in hand size
Nicola Bruno, Marco Bertamini

Symposium: Processing of space and self-motion perception in virtual environments

Presence of self-motion: Vection, or Action
Michiteru Kitazaki
The perception of linear self motion induced by a virtual reality display while viewing eccentrically
Laurence Roy Harris, Rainer Herpers, Michael Jenkin, Robert Allison, Heather Jenkin, Bill Kapralos, David Scherfgen, Sandra Boronas
Self-motion perception by multimodal stimulation based on virtual reality technology
Shuichi Sakamoto, Toshio Kubodera, Philip M. Grove, Kenzo Sakurai, Jiro Gyoba, Yo-iti Suzuki
Physical motion but not auditory cues improve tracking performance in a simulated flight task
Georg F Meyer, Helen Furber, Mark D White, Philip Perfect, Gareth Padfield
Judging size and distance in immersive virtual reality
Andrew Glennerster
It's All Me; Varying Viewpoints & Motor Learning in a Virtual Reality Environment
Judith Schomaker, Joachim Tesch, Heinrich Buelthoff, Jean-Pierre Bresciani

Symposium: Embodied emotion

Embodied multisensory emotion: The role of one’s body in emotional responses to multisensory events
Ana Tajadura-Jiménez
Motor and sensory simulation during the recognition of actions, sensations and emotions
Marc A Thioux
Audiovisual temporal correspondence is not necessary for audiovisual integration of emotional signals: An event-related fMRI study
Karin Petrini, Frances Crabbe, Carol Sheridan, Frank Pollick
The Relation between Space Perception and Fear: Extent of Near Space Predicts Claustrophobic Feelings
Matthew R. Longo, Stella F. Lourenco
Going beyond aural and visual perception in computer games: the contribution of proprioceptive perception as regulator of emotional experience
Nadia Berthouze

Symposium: Multisensory Integration in Neuropsychiatric Diseases

Cortical integration of vision and haptics reflects nicotine addiction
Yavor Yalachkov, Jochen Kaiser, Andreas Görres, Arne Seehaus, Marcus J. Naumer
Multisensory interactions between speech and script in developmental dyslexia
Vera C Blau, Nienke van Atteveldt, Joel Reithler, Jochen Seitz, Rainer Goebel, Leo Blomert
Multisensory integration in Alzheimer's disease
Xavier Delbeuck, Martial Van der Linden
Multisensory Integration in Schizophrenia
Lars Arne Ross, John James Foxe
Audiovisual speech perception and visual selective attention in Asperger syndrome
Kaisa Tiippana, Satu Saalasti, Jari Kätsyri, Mikko Sams
The 'impaired' internal representation of the body in Parkinson's disease
Michael Barnett-Cowan, Richard T Dyde, Susan H Fox, Elena Moro, William D Hutchison, Laurence R Harris

Symposium: Multisensory Applications (EUCog II)

Multimodal Brain-Computer Interfaces
Alexander Maye
Action for Perception
Peter König
An Audio-Visual Attention System for Interactive Learning
Martin Heckmann

Talk Session: Friday AM

Spatial attention does not affect early audiovisual integration
Thomas Koelewijn, Adelbert Bronkhorst, Jan Theeuwes
Noise vs. Multisensory Integration: The Return of the Race Model
Thomas U Otto, Pascal Mamassian
Coactivation in simple and choice reaction time
Steven P Blurton, Mark W Greenlee, Matthias Gondan
We know our errors that result from noise
Loes C.J. van Dam, Anna-Antonia Pape, Marc O. Ernst
Audiovisual walkers are perceived optimally
Ana Catarina Mendonça, Jorge A. Santos, Joan Lopez-Moliner
Dance with or without music: individual interpretations and across-subject synchronization
Corinne Jola, Marie-Helene Grosbras, Philip McAleer, Frank E. Pollick

Talk Session: Friday PM

Spatial factors influencing the sound effects on the tactile perception of roughness
Yuika Suzuki, Jiro Gyoba
Mapping body surface and the spatial co-localization of sounds in auditory-somatosensory multisensory interactions
Holger F Sperdin, Céline Cappe, Micah M Murray
What do you feel without seeing? Tactile suppression in basic 3-ball juggling
Georgiana Juravle, Charles Spence
Visual-haptic integration during tool use
Chie Takahashi, Simon J Watt
If it tastes like a piano…: Crossmodal associations between tastes/flavours and musical notes
Anne-Sylvie Crisinel, Charles Spence
Effect of background noise on food perception
Andy Thomas Woods, Ellen Poliakoff, Donna Lloyd, Johanna Kuenzel, Rachel Hodson, Helen Gonda, Jennifer Batchelor, Garmt Dijksterhuis, Anna Thomas

Talk Session: Thursday AM

Effective Connectivity in Multisensory integration: Insights from functional imaging in humans
Uta Noppeney, Sebastian Werner, Dirk Ostwald, richard lewis
Visuo-haptic interactions in the Lateral Occipital Cortex
Flavia Mancini, Nadia Bolognini, Giovanna Soravia, Emanuela Bricolo, Giuseppe Vallar
Multisensory representation of the hand
Giovanni Gentile, Valeria Ivanova Petkova, H. Henrik Ehrsson
fMRI-adaptation reveals selectivity for the space near the hand
Claudio Brozzoli, Giovanni Gentile, Valeria Ivanova Petkova, H. Henrik Ehrsson
Crossmodal repetition suppression for auditorily and visually perceived actions
Brenda S Hijmans, Annerose Engel, Marc Bangert, Peter E Keller, Christian Keysers

Talk Session: Thursday PM

Tracking tactile remapping with saccadic latencies and evoked potentials
Salvador Soto-Faraco, Krista E. Overvliet, Elena Azañón, Marco Calabresi
Hands behind your back: Effects of arm posture on tactile attention in the space behind the body
Helge Gillmeister, Bettina Forster
Development of integration for visual and proprioceptive hand position information
Marko Nardini, Katarina Begus, Catherine Manning, Denis Mareschal
Multisensory influences of motor-related reference frames
Tobias Heed, Brigitte Röder, Thérèse Collins
Critical crowding frequency is not dependent on stimulus attribute and modality
Waka Fujisaki, Shin'ya Nishida
Temporal coherent states evolution in multimodal learning
Abdelhafid Zeghbib, Antje Fillbrandt, Frank, W. Ohl

Talk Session: Wednesday PM

Multisensory perceptual learning of temporal order: audiovisual learning transfers to vision but not audition
David Alais, John R Cass
Time channels: Adaptation of auditory and visual duration
Craig Aaen-Stockdale, John Hotchkiss, James Heron, David Whitaker
Auditory transient recovers change detection of imperceptible visual stimulus.
Kohske Takahashi, Fuminori Ono, Katsumi Watanabe
Audiovisual synchrony perception and stimulus predictability
Laura A Cook, David L Van Valkenburg, David R Badcock
Better late than now: Visual stimuli that follow sounds induce auditory plasticity
Daniel Pages, Jennifer M Groh
0+1 > 1 : when adding non-informative sound improves performance in a visual task
Robyn Kim, Ladan Shams

Poster Session: Wednesday

Multiple reference frames of body-part specific representations for tactile localization
Jenny Backhaus, Brigitte Röder, Tobias Heed
The Closer the Better: Others’ Actions Reduce Crossmodal Integration in Peripersonal Space
Boukje Habets, Tobias Heed, Natalie Sebanz, Guenther Knoblich
A body-part map in the occipito-temporal cortex: a visuo-motor homunculus?
Tamar Makin, Tanya Orlov, Ehud Zohary
Latent reaction time and event-related potentials to passive physical motion
Michael Barnett-Cowan, Hugh Nolan, John S Butler, John J Foxe, Richard B Reilly, Heinrich H Bülthoff
The ability of haptics to modulate the Ebbinghaus illusion
Toshiko Mochizuki
Neural correlates of audio-visual self-motion perception
Anna von Hopffgarten, Matthias Bischoff, Carlo Blecker, Frank Bremmer
The role of the parieto-premotor network in the processing of auditory-visual biological motion
Sophie Wuerger, Georg Meyer, Laura Parkes, Penny Lewis, Roland Rutschmann
Event-related potentials (ERPs) to fast-paced laser stimuli projected onto hands in peri-personal space.
Chase Raymond, Mik Ratzlaff, Enrique Alvarez-Vazquez, Wolfgang Alexander Teder-Sälejärvi
Tool-use extends Peripersonal Space and Body Schema
Elisa Canzoneri, Silvia Ubaldi, Andrea Serino
Does seeing you touch an object modulate somatosensory processing in my hands in a finger-specific way?
Silvia Goss, Helge Gillmeister, Bettina Forster
Haptic recognition of familiar objects: effect of visuo-spatial interference
Alexandra M Fernandes, Pedro B Albuquerque
Perceived stability of objects changes when the body is tilted relative to gravity
Michael Barnett-Cowan, Roland W Fleming, Heinrich H Bülthoff
Change of the 'light-from-above' prior when the body is tilted relative to gravity
Michael Barnett-Cowan, Marc O Ernst, Heinrich H Bülthoff
The size difference between actual and imagined hand.
Yuka Igarashi, Shigeru Ichihara, Hiromi Wake
The Perceived Location of Touch is Affected Equally by both Eye and Head Position
Lisa M Pritchett, Laurence R Harris
Multisensory interactions facilitate brain dynamics for categorical discrimination of living vs. man-made auditory-visual objects
Celine Cappe, Micah M Murray
The rubber hand illusion with a distal view of the hand
Marco Bertamini, Nausicaa Berselli, Carole Bode, Rebecca Lawson, Li Ting Wong
Moving a rubber hand: a dissociation between agency and ownership in body self-recognition
Andreas Kalckert, Henrik Ehrsson
Multiple spatial representations of touch: an fMRI adaptation study
Luigi Tamè, Christoph Braun, Alessandro Farnè, Angelika Lingnau, Jens Schwarzbach, Yiwen Li Hegner, Francesco Pavani
Illusion of owning a third arm
Arvid Guterstam, Valeria Petkova, Henrik Ehrsson
Synchronous Multisensory Stimulation Blurs Self-Other Boundaries
Francesco Pavani, Mara Mazzurega, Thomas W. Schubert, Maria Paola Paladino
Why is haptic recognition sensitive to object orientation?
Rebecca Lawson
The development of spatiotemporal awareness and expert skilled performance in the martial art of taekwondo.
Lisa Wise
The visuo-proprioceptive Ames’ window as an analog to the Pinocchio illusion: changing the length of your arm by bottom-up and top-down multisensory information
Nicola Bruno, Marco Bertamini
The role of spatial frames of reference in the storage of tactile information
Alberto Gallace, Carlotta Casati, Giuseppe Vallar
The rubber hand illusion does not cross the midline
Michelle L. Cadieux, Katelyn Whitworth, David I Shore
Temporal binding during illusory movement of the human body
Guido Orgs, Patrick Haggard
Object and spatial dimensions in haptic and visual representations
Simon Lacey, Jonathan B. Lin, K. Sathian
Viewing the body modulates somatosensory cortical inhibition
Flavia Cardini, Matthew R. Longo, Patrick Haggard
Contact Sound Can Influence Haptic Stiffness Perception
Juan Liu, Hiroshi Ando
Going beyond the boundaries between self and other
Flavia Cardini, Ana Tajadura, Manos Tsakiris, Andrea Serino
Haptic and sensorimotor contributions to visual object recognition
Matt Craddock, Jasna Martinovic, Rebecca Lawson
Hand clasping, arm folding and arm crossing
Karla Camacho, Elena Azañón, Salvador Soto-Faraco
Timecourse of information processing in visual and haptic object identification: an electroencephalographic study.
Jasna Martinovic, Rebecca Lawson, Matt Craddock

Poster Session: Thursday

Evidence for mediation of the redundant signal effect by early gamma enhancement during simultaneous auditory-visual stimulation
Phillip M. Gilley
The effect of ageing on temporal discrimination of audio-visual events: an ERP study
Annalisa Setti, Simon Finnigan, Rory Sobolewski, Laura McLaren, Ian H. Robertson, Richard B. Reilly, Fiona N. Newell
Multisensory enhancement of visual attentional capture by accessory tones
Pawel J. Matusz, Martin Eimer
A multisensory correlate of fluent word reading as revealed in a crossmodal MMN study
Dries Froyen, Nelleke de Doelder, Leo Blomert
Sensory-motor equivalence: Manual aiming in tetraplegic patients following tendon transfer surgery
Mark Robinson, Spencer J Hayes, Simon J Bennett, Gabor J Barton, Digby Elliott
The neural correlates of audiovisual integration during non-native speech comprehension
Maya Visser, Marco Calabresi, Alfonso Barrós-Loscertales, Noelia Ventura-Campos, Agnés Alsius, César Avila Rivera, Salvador Soto-Faraco
Auditory and Visual Cues in a Pro- and Anti-Saccadic Task
Daniel Belyusar, Adam C. Snyder, Hans-Peter Frey, Mark Harwood, John J. Foxe
The integration of written and heard syllables in dyslexic adults
Maria Mittag, Paula Thesleff, Marja Laasonen, Teija Kujala
Integration of TMS and FMRI for Virtual depression: A Novel Feasibility Study
Vinay Kumar Shukla
Mulstisensory Environments and Alzheimer's disease: how to rethink the assessment?
Stéphane Protat, Maryse Savoie, Sylvie Belleville
Speech sounds modulate somatosensory perception of facial skin stretch
Takayuki Ito, David J Ostry
An absence of the Colavita effect: enhanced multisensory integration in monocular blindness
Stefania Siera Moro, Jennifer Kate Steeves
Predicting Auditory Spatial Discrimination Using Visual Tests
Lisa Marie Pritchett, Alan D Musicant
Mild Cognitive Impairment in older adults does not affect multisensory integration
Frederic Peters, Sylvie Belleville, Simona Brambati, Olivier Collignon
Crossing the arms alters the processing of touch and pain in a similar fashion: electrophysiological and behavioral evidence
Alberto Gallace, Diana Torta, Lorimer G. Moseley, Gian Domenico Iannetti
People with one eye have enhanced sound localization in central regions but show large errors in the periphery
Adria E N Hoover, Laurence R Harris, Jennifer K E Steeves
Streaming/bouncing phenomenon in audition: a multimodal perspective in the perceptual organization
Hidekazu Yasuhara, Yuki Hongoh, Shinichi Kita
Can cochlear implant users be primed with environmental sounds in a visual task?
Filipa Campos Viola, Jeremy Thorne, Jemma Hine, Angela Barks, Julie Eyles, Stefan Bleeck, Till R Schneider, Stefan Debener
Processing spatial and pitch attributes of sounds in the absence of visual experience: an fMRI study
Olivier Collignon, Gilles Vandewalle, Patrice Voss, Geneviève Albouy, Geneviève Charbonneau, Maryse Lassonde, Franco Lepore
Investigating Synchrony Perception of Audiovisual Speech With a Continuous Carry-over fMRI Design
Scott Love, Marianne Latinus, Phil McAleer, Frank E Pollick
Sounds can induce illusory visual motion perception
Souta Hidaka, Wataru Teramoto, Yoichi Sugita, Yuko Manaka, Ryota Miyauchi, Shuichi Sakamoto, Jiro Gyoba, Yukio Iwaya, Yôiti Suzuki
Cross-modal and within-modal integration in patients with collicular lesions
Caterina Bertini, Claudia Passamonti, Fabrizio Leo, Elisabetta Làdavas
Phonetic recalibration does not depend on working memory
Martijn Baart, Jean Vroomen
Cross-modal interactions between visual and painful stimuli: A case of inverse effectiveness?
Ulrich Pomper, Marion Hoefle, Michael Hauck, Andreas Engel, Daniel Senkowski
Sound Ameliorates Visual Temporal Processing Deficits in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Liselotte de Boer-Schellekens, Jean Vroomen, Mart Eussen
Visual speech can enhance word segmentation even in poor conditions
Azra Nahid Ali, Vidya Sajja
Audio-visual synchrony perception of simplified speech sounds heard as speech or non-speech
Kaori Asakawa, Akihiro Tanaka, Shuichi Sakamoto, Yôiti Suzuki
Auditory spatial recalibration based on a single audio-visual exposure
David R Wozny, Ladan Shams
Audiovisual synesthetic correspondence modulates visual apparent motion
Lihan Chen, Xiaolin Zhou
Audio-visual interactions in binocular rivalry using the Shepard illusion in the auditory and visual domain
Verena Conrad, Mario Kleiner, Jessica Hartcher-O'Brien, Andreas Bartels, Heinrich H. Bülthoff, Uta Noppeney
Audio-visual peripheral localization disparity in the median plane
DaeGee Kang, Ryota Miyauchi, Yukio Iwaya, Yôiti Suzuki
How auditory information influences binocular rivalry: Revisiting the McGurk effect
Manuel Vidal, Victor Barrès
Bimodal training of speech understating with highly distorted speech sound
Mika Sato, Tetsuaki Kawase, Shuichi Sakamoto, Yôiti Suzuki, Toshimitsu Kobayashi
Inter-sensory biases variations in auditory and visual spatial perception.
David Hartnagel, Alain Bichot, Corinne Roumes
Perceptual Maps of Touch and Pain
Flavia Mancini, Matthew R. Longo, Gian Domenico Iannetti, Patrick Haggard
Audiotactile spatial ventriloquism in congenitally blind, late blind and sighted individuals
Valeria Occelli, Patrick Bruns, Massimiliano Zampini, Brigitte Roeder
The effect of task instruction and temporal offset on the integration of audiovisual speech information
Julie N. Buchan, Kevin G. Munhall

Poster Session: Friday

Contribution of Vision, Muscle Proprioception & Touch to hand movement perception
Caroline Blanchard, Régine Roll, Jean-Pierre Roll, Anne Kavounoudias
A Computational Study of Multisensory Maturation in the Superior Colliculus (SC)
Cristiano Cuppini, Barry E. Stein, Benjamin A. Rowland, Elisa Magosso, Mauro Ursino
Neuromodulation of Multisensory Perception: a tDCS study of the sound-induced flash illusion
Nadia Bolognini, Angela Rossetti, Carlotta Casati, Flavia Mancini, Giuseppe Vallar
Optimal time windows of integration
Hans Colonius, Adele Diederich
Evaluative processing is not sensory modality specific [Poster]
Dragan Jankovic
Seeing touch in the somatosensory cortex: A tms study of the visual perception of touch
Angela Rossetti, Angelo Maravita, Carlo Miniussi, Nadia Bolognini
Tactile processing after auditory deprivation: A TMS study of crossmodal plasticity in the “deaf�? auditory cortex’
Nadia Bolognini, Carlo Geraci, Carlo Cecchetto, Angelo Maravita, Costanza Papagno
Crossmodal transfer for newly learned finger movements on a piano keyboard
Annerose Engel, Marc Bangert, Brenda S. Hijmans, David Horbank, Peter E. Keller, Christian Keysers
The Neural Correlates of Multisensory Perceptual Training
Albert R. Powers, Matthew A. Hevey, Mark T. Wallace
Disentangling unisensory and multisensory components in audiovisual integration: from low-level integration to sensory substitution in the blind using novel spectral analysis.
uri hertz, Amir Amedi
Audiovisual interactions at the detection threshold: psychophysics and event-related potentials
Anne Caclin, Marie-Hélène Giard
Electrophysiological Correlates of Facial Configuration, Congruency and Familiarity
Georg F Meyer, Barnabas Procter
Nonlinear temporal distortions in vision and audition
Jess Hartcher-O'Brien, Sebastian Telgen, Massimiliano Di Luca, Marc O Ernst
How to use tilt-translation ambiguity for simulating the braking on a dynamic driving simulator
Anca Stratulat, Christophe Bourdin, Vincent Roussarie, Jean-Louis Vercher
Common or separable neural circuits for duration processing across audition and touch.
John S Butler, Sophie Molholm, Ian C. Fiebelkorn, Manuel Mercier, Theodore R. Schwartz, John J Foxe
No effect of Synesthetic Congruency on Temporal Ventriloquism
Mirjam Keetels, Jean Vroomen
Manual tracking with visual background and/or gravito-inertial rotations: Dynamic of combination between reference frames
Cécile Scotto di Césare, Lionel Bringoux, Christophe Bourdin, Fabrice Sarlegna, Daniel Mestre
Can audiovisual timing influence perceived object distance?
Philip Jaekl, Laurence Harris, Salvador Soto-Faraco
Encoding-efficiency of visual pattern modulates the audio-visual interaction in repetition blindness
Junichi Takahashi, Souta Hidaka, Wataru Teramoto, Jiro Gyoba
Crossmodal facilitation of rapidly-masked visual target identification
Thuan Kim Ngo, Charles Spence
Visuo-motor temporal recalibration dissipates rapidly
Yoshimori Sugano, Mirjam Keetels, Jean Vroomen
A permutation test for the race model inequality
Matthias Gondan
Non-spatial tactile congruency: effects of vision and proprioception on tactile perception
Julia Landmann, Bettina Forster
Latencies for the crossmodal release of motion-induced blindness
Michiaki Shibata, Yousuke Kawachi, Satoshi Yairi, Yukio Iwaya, Jiro Gyoba, Yôiti Suzuki
Coactivation effects in Go/Nogo tasks with redundant targets
Matthias Gondan, Christina Götze, Mark W Greenlee
Do saccadic reaction times to visual-auditory stimuli show effects of oscillatory phase resettings?
Adele Diederich, Hans Colonius
The role of simulated auditory location cues in visual search for an avatar in a virtual environment
Jason S. Chan, Corrina Maguinness, Simon Dobbyn, Rachel McDonnell, Paul McDonald, Henry J. Rice, Carol O'Sullivan, Fiona N. Newell
Attentional modulation of audiovisual interactions in the temporal domain
Beatriz R. Sarmiento, Bruce Milliken, David I Shore, Daniel Sanabria
Temporal properties of multimodal integration in perceiving direction of self-motion from visual and vestibular information
Toshio Kubodera, Philip M. Grove, Shuichi Sakamoto, Yôiti Suzuki, Kenzo Sakurai
Bimodal Reaction Time Facilitation for Horizontally-Moving Auditory-Visual Stimuli
Neil Harrison, Georg Meyer, Sophie Wuerger
Interactions between endogenous and exogenous orienting of spatial attention across modalities
Zhenzhu Yue, Xiaoxi Chen, Dingguo Gao
Multiple criteria for multisensory signals
Cesare Valerio Parise, Massimiliano Di Luca, Marc Ernst
Tactile remapping occurs automatically
Elena Azañón, Karla Camacho, Salvador Soto-Faraco
Influence of pitch body orientation on the perception of self-motion direction induced by optic flow
Aurore Bourrelly, Jean-Louis Vercher, Lionel Bringoux

Poster Session: Saturday

Speech-like stimuli can be frequency-tagged to investigate effects of sustained intermodal attention
Christian Keitel, Katja Saupe, Erich Schröger, Matthias M Müller
Oscillatory alpha-band mechanisms and the deployment of spatial attention to anticipated auditory and visual target locations: Common or separable control mechanisms?
Snigdha Banerjee, Sophie Molholm, Adam C Snyder, John J. Foxe
Eyes closure during a clinical examination reduces diagnostic variability in experienced osteopaths
Jorge E Esteves, Charles Spence
When letters evoke colours: Probing for induction of synaesthetic behaviour in non-synaesthetes through explicit versus implicit grapheme-colour associations
Flor Kusnir, Gregor Thut
An fMRI study on temporal characteristics of crossmodal/unimodal bouncing effects
Yousuke Kawachi, Michiaki Shibata, Hideaki Kawabata, Miho Kitamura, Jiro Gyoba
The effect of self-generated faces on perceptual sensitivity to facial expressions.
Yota Kimura, Sakiko Yoshikawa
Auditory enhancement of visual phosphene perception: the effect of temporal and spatial factors and of stimulus intensity
Irene Senna, Angelo Maravita, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Lofti B. Merabet, Nadia Bolognini
Laminar profiles of audiovisual response in the macaque auditory cortex
Yoshinao Kajikawa, Arnaud Falchier, Peter Lakatos, Aimee Mills, Monica N O'Connell, Charles E Schroeder
Audiovisual synchrony enhances oddball sensitivity and BOLD signal in auditory cortex and superior temporal sulcus.
Jennifer Lynne Marchant Agustus, Christian Ruff, Jon Driver
Investigating Mechanisms for Multisensory Enhancement of Visual-target Detection: Does temporal information within the auditory modality reset the phase of ongoing oscillations in visual cortex?
Ian C. Fiebelkorn, John J. Foxe, John Butler, Manuel Mercier, Sophie Molholm
Patterns in the ongoing activity of the auditory and the visual cortex during audiovisual category transfer in rodents
Antje Fillbrandt, Frank W Ohl
The effects of contextual visual input on auditory cortex activity
Jeremy Thorne, Stefan Debener
Inverse effectiveness in the visual evoked potential
Maori Kobayashi, Yuko Manaka, Wataru Teramoto, Souta Hidaka, Yoichi Sugita, yôiti Suzuki
Effects of congruency and attention on multisensory perception of emotion
Hao Tam Ho, Erich Schröger, Sonja Kotz
Emotional information enhances audiovisual speech integration
Cesare Valerio Parise, Naoimh Stewart, Julia Föcker, Mary Ngo, Michael Browning, Brigitte Roeder, Charles Spence, Robert D Rogers
The peak-latency of visual P1- and N1-components predicts perceived delays in an audiovisual temporal order judgment task
Lars T. Boenke, Felix Ball, Markus Bornfleth, Matthias Deliano, Frank W. Ohl
Multisensory Self-Motion Oddball Paradigm Evokes a P3 Response
Hugh Nolan, Robert Whelan, John Butler, John Foxe, Heinrich H Bülthoff, Richard B Reilly
Intracranial electrophysiological evidences for multisensory integration in the frontal lobe
Manuel R Mercier, Sophie Molholm, Theodore H Schwartz, John J Foxe
Temporal multisensory processing of low-level audiovisual stimuli: an event-related potential analysis
Leslie Dowell Kwakye, Mark T Wallace
Multisensory Integration in Apparent Motion Perception
Thorsten Kluss, Niclas Schult, Kerstin Schill, Manfred Fahle, Christoph Zetzsche
A Three-Layer Model for Emotion Exchange
Imen Tayari Meftah, Nhan LE THANH, Anis Meftah, Chokri Ben Amar
Sound localization in a remote place via an avatar robot synchronizing to listener's head rotation
Yukio Iwaya, Makoto Otani, Yusuke Masuyama, Yoiti Suzuki
Effects of Musical Training and Emotional Content of Stimuli on Time Estimation
Maria Panagiotidi, Stavroula Samartzi
Influences of auditory and visual information on the perception of multimodal emotional expressions
Valerie Milesi, Didier Grandjean
Temporal Order Judgment of Audiovisual Speech in Dutch and Japanese
Akihiro Tanaka, Jeroen Stekelenburg, Shiho Miyazawa, Jean Vroomen
Enhancing the detectability of a picture requires the prior presentation of a semantically-congruent sound
Yi-Chuan Chen, Charles Spence
Muscular stress as an efficient multisensory facilitation
Isabel Gonzalo-Fonrodona, Miguel A Porras
The contribution of spectral-cue-based sound localization to illusory visual motion perception
Wataru Teramoto, Souta Hidaka, Yoichi Sugita, Shuichi Sakamoto, Jiro Gyoba, Yukio Iwaya, Yo-iti Suzuki
Inter-individual variability in audiovisual temporal-order judgments
Lars T. Boenke, David Alais, Felix Ball, Frank W Ohl
Effects of synchronous color-sound stimuli in short-term memory task
Tomoaki Nakamura, Yukio Pegio Gunji
Talking faces: the detection of auditory-visual synchronicity in children and adults
Sophie Wuerger, Lee Spence, Sarah Milligan, Kirsten Maccallum, Aisha McLean, Kimberley Morgan
Object-based and spatial-based attention in crossmodal processing
Zhenzhu Yue, Ming Jiang, Xiaoxi Chen, Dingguo Gao
Event-related potentials reveal neural signatures of cross-modal interaction between visual and tactile stimulation
Yumi Ju, Kyoungmin Lee