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The International Multisensory Research Forum (IMRF) provides a platform for scientists from around the world who are interested in how different senses interact and how their input is integrated to communicate with one another.

Click to Learn More About IsraelThe IMRF seeks to include scientific input from many different disciplines and species with a variety of perspectives.

IMRF 2013 will take place at the Dan Hotel, Jerusalem. The hotel is located on Mount Scopus overlooking the Jerusalem skyline and Judean Hills.

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BRILL Multisensory Research 26 Supplement (2013) now on-line: We are pleased to announce that the BRILL Multisensory Research 26 Supplement(2013) is now online as free content.
Posted: 2013-05-23
Postdoctoral position: Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience and Cognition (Rauschecker Lab), Georgetown University
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We are pleased to announce that Professor Josef P. Rauschecker will be delivering a keynote presentation at the IMRF 2013.

Josef P. Rauschecker, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Georgetown Institute for Cognitive and Computational Sciences, Georgetown University Medical Center, NW, Washington, USA

Keynote presentation: Cross-Modal Plasticity in Early Blindness


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A superb group of researchers have already confirmed their participation at the IMRF 2013 and we are looking forward to a great conference in Jerusalem.

The excellent symposia that have been selected for presentation are:

  • Contemporary multisensory research in animal model
    Yoram Gutfreund, Adi Mizrahi, Roni Paz, Nachum Ulanovsky
  • Atypical multisensory integration
    Vanessa Harrar, Ryan Stevenson, Carissa Cascio, Andrew J. Bremner
  • Representing the body in the brain
    Laurence Harris, Michael Schaefer, Andrea Serino, Regine Zopf
  • Spatial transformations in multisensory integration
    Stephanie Badde, Shigeru Kitazawa, David Shore, Jared Medina, Elena Azanon
  • Temporal Recalibration to Asynchronous Multisensory Stimuli
    Erik Van der Burg, Jean Vroomen, Marc Ernst, John Cass, Carmel Levitan
  • Crossmodal Plasticity Following Sensory Loss and Restoration
    Stephen Lomber, Andrej Kral, Shelly Levy-Tzedek, Olivier Collignon
  • Development and Plasticity in Multisensory Processes
    Mark Wallace, David J. Lewkowicz, Terrence R. Stanford, Andy Bremner, Charles Spence
  • Hyper-binding across the senses
    Fiona Newell, Romke Rouw, Devin Terhune, Olympia Colizoli
Posted: 2013-03-21

We are happy to announce there will be a special issue published in Multisensory Research following the IMRF 2013 conference in Jerusalem. Submissions will be accepted from all who are interested, but preference will be given for speakers participating and presenting their work at the IMRF 2013. More details about the special issue will be available soon.

Posted: 2013-03-21
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