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Psychophysics / Experimental Psychology

A weighty matter: The effect of spoon size and weight on food perception
Vanessa Harrar, Charles Spence
Perceived timing of vestibular stimulation
Michael Barnett-Cowan
Principles of multi-sensory behavior
Thomas U Otto, Brice Dassy, Pascal Mamassian
Dissociable crossmodal recruitment of visual and auditory cortex for tactile perception
Jeffrey M. Yau, Pablo Celnik, Steven S. Hsiao, John E. Desmond
Hearing voices then seeing lips: fragmentation and renormalisation of subjective timing in the McGurk illusion
Elliot David Freeman, Alberta Ipser
Time and time again: temporal influences of repeated stimuli
Massimiliano Di Luca
Single-object consistency facilitates multisensory pair learning: evidence for unitization
Elan Barenholtz, David Lewkowicz, Lauren Kogelschatz
Musical training generalises across modalities and reveals efficient and adaptive mechanisms for judging temporal intervals
David Aagten-Murphy, Giulia Cappagli, David Charles Burr
Telling the time with audiovisual speech and non-speech: Does the brain use multiple clocks?
Alberta Ipser, Diana Paunoiu, Elliot Freeman
Now you see it, now you don’t: design dependant sound symbolism effect in categorization studies
Vanja Kovic, Jovana Pejovic
The influence of the feel of the container on the perception of food within
Betina Piqueras-Fiszman, Charles Spence
A Common Scheme for Cross-Sensory Correspondences across Stimulus Domains
Laura Walker, Peter Walker, Brian Francis
Natural Correspondences: From 'Weak' to 'Strong' Synaesthesia
Jamie Ward
Garner's paradigm and audiovisual correspondence in dynamic stimuli: pitch and vertical direction
Zohar Eitan, Lawrence E. Marks
Size-brightness correspondence: Crosstalk and congruity among dimensions of connotative meaning
Peter Walker, Laura Walker
Crossmodal correspondences between chemosensory stimuli and musical notes
Anne-Sylvie Crisinel, Charles Spence
Crossmodal correspondences, crossmodal completion and crossmodal imagery.
Ophelia Deroy
Multisensory interactions in the automatic control of postural sway
Georg F Meyer, Emma Clarke, Tony Robotham
Threat Modulates Perception of Looming Visual Stimuli
Eleonora Vagnoni, Stella Lourenco, Matthew Longo
Moved by stills: Kinesthetic sensory experiences in viewing dance photographs
Corinne Jola, Lucie Clements, Julia F Christensen
Audio-visual recalibration is spatially specific, in external coordinates.
David Burr, Roberto Arrighi, Marco Cicchini, David Aagten-Murphy
Plasticity in multisensory body representations after amputation and prosthesis implantation
Elisa Canzoneri, Elisa Magosso, Amedeo Amoresano, Andrea Serino
The build-up and transfer of sensorimotor temporal recalibration measured via a synchronization task
Yoshimori Sugano, Mirjam Keetels, Jean Vroomen
Sensorimotor temporal recalibration within and across limbs
Kielan Yarrow, Ingvild Sverdrup-Stueland, Derek Arnold
How to combine direction cues optimally
Richard F Murray, Yaniv Morgenstern, Laurence R Harris
Leaky integration during blindfolded walking along veering paths
Markus Lappe, Claudia Fontaine, Harald Frenz
Audiovisual synchrony perception of walkers as a function of distance and depth cues
Carlos César Silva, Jorge Almeida Santos
Interpreting sensory substitution beyond the perceptual assumption: An analogy with reading
Malika Auvray, Ophelia Deroy
Haptic object recognition is influenced by head position but not the position of an inactive hand nor by task-irrelevant visual information
Rebecca Lawson, Lauren Edwards, Amy Boylan
Ignoring in vision and touch - is it really the same?
Christian Frings
Changes in haptic sensitivity during tool use: implications for optimal design of visual-haptic devices.
Chie Takahashi, Simon J Watt
An invisible speaker can facilitate auditory speech perception
Marcia Grabowecky, Emmanuel Guzman-Martinez, Laura Ortega, Satoru Suzuki
Silvia Convento, Chiara Galantini, Nadia Bolognini, Giuseppe Vallar
Multisensory hand representations in early life
Andrew J. Bremner, José L. van Velzen, Silvia Rigato
The Critical Role of Experience in the Early Development of Multisensory Perception
David J. Lewkowicz
The development of intramodal and crossmodal temporal order judgments
Brigitte Roeder, Birthe Pagel, Tobias Heed
The interplay between multisensory integration and attention in children
Ayla Barutchu, Sarah Toohey, Mohit N Shivdasani, Antonio G Paolini
Preverbal infants experience sound-shape correspondences
Alan Michael Slater, Dina Lew, Gavin Bremner, Peter Walker
When vision is not an option: development of haptic-auditory integration
Karin Petrini, Alicia Remark, Louise Smith, Marko Nardini
Temporal Processing of Self-Motion: Translations Are Processed Slower than Rotations
Florian Soyka, Michael Barnett-Cowan, Paolo Robuffo Giordano, Heinrich H Bülthoff
Inefficient cross-sensory temporal integration in older persons with a history of falling
Fiona N. Newell
Temporal integration in sound localization via head rotation
Ewan Andrew Macpherson, Janet Kim
Multisensory integration enhances coordination: the necessity of a phasing matching between cross-modal events and movements
Gregory Zelic, Denis Mottet, Julien Lagarde
The structure of self-experience during visuo-tactile stimulation of a virtual and the physical body
Martin Dobricki, Betty J. Mohler, Heinrich H. Bülthoff
It feels like it’s me: interpersonal multisensory stimulation enhances visual remapping of touch from other to self
Flavia Cardini, Ana Tajadura-Jiménez, Andrea Serino, Manos Tsakiris
Action sounds recalibrate perceived tactile distance
Ana Tajadura-Jiménez, Aleksander Väljamäe, Iwaki Toshima, Toshitaka Kimura, Manos Tsakiris, Norimichi Kitagawa
Ordinary associations or 'special cases'; defining mechanisms in synesthesia
Romke Rouw
The role of visual experience for spatial numerical associations
Michael J Proulx, Achille Pasqualotto, Shuichiro Taya
Enhanced memory ability: Insights from synaesthesia
Nicolas Rothen, Beat Meier, Jamie Ward
Synaesthesia and the SNARC effect
Clare Jonas
Exploring synaesthetes' mental imagery abilities across multiple sensory modalities
Mary Jane Spiller
The role of visual experience in spatial reference frame preference
Achille Pasqualotto
Working memory span for pictures, names, and touched objects
Alexandra M Fernandes, Pedro B Albuquerque
Observing social stimuli influences detection of subtle somatic sensations differently for pain synaesthetes and controls.
Sophie Vandenbroucke, Geert Crombez, Dimitri Van Ryckeghem, Vanessa Harrar, Liesbet Goubert, Charles Spence, Wouter Durnez, Stefaan van Damme
Investigating task and modality switching costs using bimodal stimuli
Raj Sandhu, Ben Dyson
Influence of visual cues on localization of acoustic sound sources in old adults
Claudia Freigang, Marc Stoehr, Kristina Schmiedchen, Jan Bennemann, Rudolf Ruebsamen
Detection performance for short visual stimuli depends on the duration of co-occuring auditory stimuli
Roberto Cecere, Benjamin De Haas, Harriett Cullen, Jon Driver, Vincenzo Romei
Interactions between apparent motion rivalry in vision and touch
Verena Conrad, Marco Pino Vitello, Uta Noppeney
Complexity of sensorimotor transformations alters hand perception
Christine Sutter, Stefan Ladwig, Sandra Sülzenbrück
Assessing audiovisual saliency and visual-information content in the articulation of consonants and vowels on audiovisual temporal perception
Argiro Vatakis, Charles Spence
Human temporal coordination of visual and auditory events in virtual reality
Michiteru Kitazaki
Persistent perceptual delay for head movement onset relative to auditory stimuli of different duration and rise times
Sophie Raeder, Heinrich H Bülthoff, Michael Barnett-Cowan
Multisensory integration in body perception is unaffected by concurrent interoceptive and exteroceptive tasks
stefania cannella, alessia folegatti, massimiliano zampini, francesco pavani
Somatosensory Amplification and Illusory Tactile Sensations
Vrushant Lakhlani, Kirsten J McKenzie
The effect of vision on tactile TOJ during arm crossing
Makoto Wada, Kenji Kansaku
Infant perception of audiovisual synchrony in fluent speech
Ferran Pons, David Lewkowicz
Developmental Processes in Audiovisual Object Recognition and Object Location
Maeve Mary Barrett, Fiona N. Newell
Determinants of the efficacy of single-trial multisensory learning
Antonia Thelen, Micah M Murray
Sounds prevent selective monitoring of high spatial frequency channels in vision
Alexis Pérez-Bellido, Joan López-Moliner, Salvador Soto-Faraco
Can itch-related visual stimuli provoke an itch response?
Donna M Lloyd, Elizabeth Hall, Samantha Hall, Francis McGlone
Audiovisual crossmodal correspondences in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs)
Valeria Occelli, Gianluca Esposito, Paola Venuti, Peter Walker, Massimiliano Zampini
Face aftereffect in haptic perception
Kazumichi Matsumiya
Perceptual calibration to delayed auditory feedback of self-body movement
Koichi TOIDA, Kanako UENO, Sotaro SHIMADA
Using audiovisual feedback during speaking
Jennifer Chesters, Riikka Möttönen
Is maintaining balance during standing associated with inefficient audio-visual integration in older adults?
John Stapleton, Emer P. Doheny, Annalisa Setti, Clodagh Cunningham, Lisa Crosby, Rose Anne Kenny, Fiona N. Newell
Spatial codes for movement coordination do not depend on developmental vision
Tobias Heed, Brigitte Roeder
Hand ownership and hand position in the rubber hand illusion are uncorrelated
Nicholas Paul Holmes, Tamar Makin, Michelle Cadieux, Claire Williams, Katherine R. Naish, Charles Spence, David I. Shore
Improved tactile acuity following perceptual learning generalises to untrained fingers
Vanessa Harrar, Charles Spence, Tamar Makin
The influence of time prediction on modality expectancy
Stefanie Mühlberg, Manuela Ruzzoli, Salvador Soto-Faraco
The spatial distribution of auditory attention in early blindness
Elodie Lerens, Laurent Renier, Anne De volder
Is A always red? Multisensory integration of synesthetic stimuli in synesthetes and non-synesthetes
Miketa Arvaniti, Noam Sagiv, Lucille Lecoutre, Argiro Vatakis
Modifying infants' sensitivity to audiovisual temporal mismatch
Ferran Pons, Maria Teixidó, Joel Garcia-Morera, Jordi Navarra
Emmanuel Biau, Salvador Soto-Faraco
The development of the bodily self: Chidlren’s responses to the Rubber Hand Illusion
Dorothy Ailsa Cowie, Tamar R Makin, Andrew J Bremner
Heterogeneous auditory-visual integration: effects of pitch, band-width and visual eccentricity
Antonia Thelen, Micah M Murray
Objective and Subjective Evaluations of Flight Simulator Fidelity
Li Wong, Georg Meyer, Emma Timson, Philip Perfect, Mark White
Within and cross-sensory interactions in the perceived attractiveness of unfamiliar faces
Brendan Cullen, Fiona N Newell
Visual stimuli within peripersonal space prioritize pain.
Annick De Paepe, Valéry Legrain, Geert Crombez
Short and sweet, or long and complex? Perceiving temporal synchrony in audiovisual events
Ragnhild Eg, Dawn Behne
Interpersonal multisensory stimulation and emotion: The impact of threat-indicative facial expressions on enfacement
Brianna Beck, Caterina Bertini, Elisabetta Làdavas
The effect of task-irrelevant stimulus “graspability” on reaching actions
Samuel Couth, Ellen Poliakoff, Emma Gowen
Scrutinizing integrative effects in multi-stimuli detection task
mario pannunzi, alexis Perez Bellido, Alexandre Pereda Baños, Joan Lopez Moliner, Gustavo Deco, Salvador Soto-Faraco
The effect of eccentric gaze on tactile localization on areas of the body that cannot be seen
Michael James Carnevale, Lisa Marie Pritchett, Laurence Roy Harris
Auditory gating during visually-guided action?
Luc Tremblay, Joanne Wong, Gerome Manson
That smells blue! Differences between colour associations for odours and odour-evocative words
Kirsten J McKenzie, Andrew T Woods, Christine Leong, Jiana Ren, Jason Chan, Jai Levin, Michael Dodson, Carmel Levitan
Watching touch increases people’s alertness to tactile stimuli presented on the body surface
Valeria Bellan, Carlo Reverberi, Alberto Gallace
Effects of full body vibration on the perceived sense of verisimilitude and sense of presence
Shuichi Sakamoto, Gen Hasegawa, Akio Honda, Yukio Iwaya, Yôiti Suzuki, Jiro Gyoba
Auditory signal dominates visual in the perception of emotional social interactions.
Lukasz Piwek, Karin Petrini, Frank Earl Pollick
Seeing and feeling for self and other: proprioceptive spatial location determines multisensory enhancement of touch
Flavia Cardini, Patrick Haggard, Elisabetta Ladavas
An interaction between body orientation and gravity produces a novel illusion in visual distance perception
Charles Michael Mander, Laurence R. Harris
Twelve-month-old infants learn crossmodal associations between visual objects and natural sounds in ecologically valid situations
Yi-Chuan Chen, Gert Westermann
Human sounds facilitates conscious processing of emotional faces
Bernard M. C. Stienen, Fiona N. Newell
Remapping of touch in the blind for current, but not for planned postures
Jonathan Schubert, Brigitte Roeder, Tobias Heed
Response type and sex differences in a tactile temporal order judgment task with tools
Abigail Novick, Nicola Fiddes, Eleanor Huber, Tucker Smith, Jared Medina
Natural scenes have matched amplitude-modulated sounds that systematically influence visual scanning
Marcia Grabowecky, Aleksandra Sherman, Satoru Susuki
Spatial recoding of sound: Pitch-varying auditory cues modulate up/down visual spatial attention
Irune Fernández-Prieto, Fátima Vera-Constán, Joel García-Morera, Jordi Navarra
TMS entrainment of pre-stimulus oscillatory activity in tactile perception.
Manuela Ruzzoli, Salvador Soto-Faraco
Age-related changes in temporal processing of vestibular stimuli
Alex Malone, Nai-Yuan Chang, Timothy Hullar, MD FACS
Influence of selective attention to sound in multisensory integration
Luis Morís Fernández, Maya Visser, Salvador Soto-Faraco
The effect of balance training on audio-visual integration in older adults
Niamh A. Merriman, Caroline Whyatt, Annalisa Setti, Nicholas Gillian, William Young, Stuart Ferguson, Cathy Craig, Fiona N. Newell
Visual benefit in bimodal training with highly distorted speech sound
Mika Sato, Tetsuaki Kawase, Shuichi Sakamoto, Yôiti Suzuki, Toshimitsu Kobayashi
The effect of audio-visual expectancies on stereoacuity
Marina Zannoli, Pascal Mamassian
Synchronisation and correction of stepping to phase-perturbed multisensory metronome cues
Rachel L Wright, Mark T Elliott, Laura C Spurgeon, Alan M Wing
Inter-hemispheric interaction of touches at the fingers: a combined psychophysics and TMS approach
Luigi Tamè, Tom Johnstone, Nicholas Paul Holmes
Investigations into visually-induced somatic amplification
Kirsten J McKenzie, Ellen Poliakoff, Stephen Puntis, Adam Lawrence, Richard J Brown, Donna M LLoyd
The size of the ventriloquist effect is modulated by emotional valence
Mario Maiworm, Marina Bellantoni, Charles Spence, Brigitte Roeder
Roll rate thresholds in driving simulation
Alessandro Nesti, Michael Barnett-Cowan, Heinrich H Bülthoff, Paolo Pretto
Auditory effects to complement the absence of visual information
Tomoaki Nakamura, Yukio Pegio Gunji
Crossmodal correspondences in natural language: distribution of phonemes and consonant-vowel patterns in Serbian words denoting round and angular objects
Olivera Ilic, Vanja Kovic, Dragan Jankovic
Temporal disparity effects on audiovisual integration in low vision individuals
Stefano Targher, Valeria Occelli, Massimiliano Zampini
Use of auditory and visual cues during observation of conversations in young children and adults
Anne Melzer, Moritz M Daum
Crossmodal Attention Alters Auditory Contrast Sensitivity
Vivian Ciaramitaro, Dan Jentzen
Fear-specific modulation of tactile perception is disrupted after amygdala lesions
Caterina Bertini, Claudia Passamonti, Cristina Scarpazza, Elisabetta Ladavas
Haptic object recognition is influenced by the orientation of the body relative to gravity
Michael Barnett-Cowan, Jody C Culham, Jacqueline C Snow
Effects of within-modal congruency, cross-modal congruency and temporal asynchrony on the perception of perceived audio-visual distance
Jonathan Michael Paul Wilbiks, Benjamin Dyson
Redundancy Gains in Audio-Visual Search
Tifanie Bouchara, Brian F.G. Katz
Direct comparison of the haptic and visual horizontal-vertical illusions using traditional figures and single lines
jacqui howell, mark symmons, george van doorn
The effect of perceptual grouping on haptic numerosity perception
Krista E Overvliet, Kim Verlaers, Ralf Th Krampe, Johan Wagemans
From observation to enactment: Can dance experience enhance multisensory temporal integration?
Helena Sgouramani, Chris Muller, Leon van Noorden, Marc Leman, Argiro Vatakis
The Impact of Imagery-Evoking Category Labels on Perceived Variety
Tamara Leigh Ansons, Aradhna Krishna, Norbert Schwarz
Restricted recovery of external remapping of tactile stimuli after restoring vision in a congenitally blind man
Pia Ley, Davide Bottari, Bhamy Hariprasad Shenoy, Ramesh Kekunnaya, Brigitte Roeder
‘Visual’ acuity of the congenitally blind using visual-to-auditory sensory substitution
Ella Striem-Amit, Miriam Guendelman, Amir Amedi
The rubber hand illusion and the tactile Simon effect
Michael Iannacone, Jared Medina
Product-related sounds speed visual search
Klemens Knöferle, Charles Spence
Time course of audio-visual phoneme identification: A cross-modal Gating study
Carolina Sánchez-García, Sonia Kandel, Christophe Savariaux, Nara Ikumi, Salvador Soto-Faraco
Body and gaze centered coding of touch locations during a dynamic task
Lisa Marie Pritchett, Michael J Carnevale, Laurence R Harris
Auditory-visual, positional, and semantic effects in visual extraction of slope
Marcia Grabowecky, Stacey Parrott, Emmanuel Guzman-Martinez, Laura Ortega, Satoru Suzuki
Greater sensitivity in detecting cross-modal asynchrony for body parts that are seen most often
Adria E. N. Hoover, Laurence R. Harris
Sources of Variance in the Audiovisual Perception of Speech in Noise
Celina C. Nahanni, Justin M. Deonarine, Martin Paré, Kevin G. Munhall
The pleasant heat? A study of thermal-emotion associations
Hsin-Ni Ho, Penny Bergman, Ai Koizumi, Ana Tajadura-Jiménez, Norimichi Kitagawa
Feedforward Modalities in Remote Pointing
Ju-Hwan Lee
Two-point touch discrimination depends on the perceived length of the arm
Laurence R. Harris, Sarah D'Amour, Lisa Marie Pritchett
Evaluative similarity hypothesis of crossmodal correspondences: A developmental view
Dragan Jankovic
The goal is not special: electrophysiological evidence for the simultaneous selection of goal and effector location during motor preparation.
Luke Mason, Jose Van Velzen
Moods alter audiovisual integration
Miho Kitamura, Katsumi Watanabe, Norimichi Kitagawa
Aesthetic preferences for tridimensional shapes: a comparison between vision and touch
Roberta Etzi, Charles Spence, Alberto Gallace
Multisensory task action strategies affect arm placement
Blake Cameron Martin, Laurence R. Harris
Effects of a secondary task and working memory load on multisensory hand position
Katrina Quinn, Francia Acosta-Saltos, Jan W. de Fockert, Charles Spence, Andrew J. Bremner
The effect of brief auditory non-vocal emotional cues on visual spatial attention
Neil Richard Harrison, Simon Davies
Top-down knowledge about reflection modulates response competition to multisensory stimuli
Adam Jones, Marco Bertamini, Georg F Meyer
Where’s Wally? Audio-visual mismatch directs ocular saccades in sensory substitution
Thomas David Wright, Jamie Ward, Sarah Simonon, Aaron Margolis
Temporal rate adaptation transfers cross-modally at a subconscious level
Charlotte Ling Yang, Noelle R. B. Stiles, Carmel A. Levitan, Shinsuke Shimojo
Exploring the Sensory Basis of Developmental Dyspraxia in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Stefanie Bodison, Terrence D. Sanger
The categorical perception of tactile distance: A difference in acuity at anatomical landmarks?
Frances Le Cornu Knight, Matthew Longo, Andrew J. Bremner


Audiovisual stimulus-driven contributions to spatial orienting in ecologically valid situations: an fMRI study
Davide Nardo, Valerio Santangelo, Emiliano Macaluso
Combining fiber tracking and functional brain imaging for revealing brain networks involved in auditory-visual integration in humans
Anton L Beer, Tina Plank, Evangelia-Regkina Symeonidou, Georg Meyer, Mark W. Greenlee
Neural mechanisms of intermodal attention in human EEG/MEG
Christian Keitel, Erich Schröger, Matthias M Müller
Task dependent anatomical connections underlie multisensory processing
David Brang, Zack Taich, Steven A Hillyard, Vilayanur S Ramachandran
Spatio-temporal updating in the posterior parietal cortex
Kenji Kansaku
Different classes of audiovisual correspondences are processed at distinct levels of the cortical hierarchy
Uta Noppeney, Ruth Adam, Sepideh Sadaghiani, Joost X Maier, HweeLing Lee, Sebastian Werner, Dirk Ostwald, Richard Lewis, Verena Conrad
Spatial and temporal dynamics of visual processing during movement preparation: ERP evidence from adults with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder.
Jose van Velzen
Multisensory interactions modulate response of V3A for depth-motion processing
Akitoshi Ogawa, Emiliano Macaluso
Can maladaptive cortical plasticity form new sensory experiences? Revisiting phantom pain.
Tamar R Makin, Jan Scholz, Nicola Filippini, David Henderson Slater, Irene Tracey, Heidi Johansen-Berg
Brain areas involved in Echolocation Motion Processing in Blind Echolocation Experts
Lore Thaler, Jennifer Milne, Stephen R Arnott, Melvyn A Goodale
ERP investigations into the effects of gaze and spatial attention on the processing of tactile events
Elena Gherri, Bettina Forster
Multisensory objects and the orienting of spatial attention
Serena Mastroberardino, Valerio Santangelo, Emiliano Macaluso
Effects of looming and static sounds on somatosensory processing: a MEG study
Elisa Leonardelli, Valeria Occelli, Gianpaolo Demarchi, Massimo Grassi, Christoph Braun, Massimiliano Zampini
An ERP study of audiovisual simultaneity perception
Marek Binder
Processing of audiovisual phonological incongruency depends on awareness
Ruth Adam, Uta Noppeney
Electrophysiological correlates of tactile and visual perception during goal-directed movement
Georgiana Juravle, Tobias Heed, Charles Spence, Brigitte Roeder
Electrical neuroimaging of memory discrimination based on single-trial multisensory learning
Antonia Thelen, Céline Cappe, Micah M Murray
A neural link between feeling and hearing
Tony Ro, Timothy Ellmore, Michael Beauchamp
The Effects of Rehearsal on Auditory cortex: An fMRI study of the putative neural mechanisms of dance therapy
Joseph F DeSouza, Rachel Bar


Predicting Multisensory Enhancement in Neuronal Responses
Benjamin Andrew Rowland
Simultaneous measurement of visual accommodation and convergence during 3D sickness
Hiroki Takada, Masaru Miyao
Plasticity in the acquisition of multisensory integration capabilities in superior colliculus
Barry Edward Stein, Liping Yu, Jinghong Xu, Benjamin Andrew Rowland
Predictable variations in auditory pitch modulate the spatial processing of visual stimuli: an ERP study
Fátima Vera-Constán, Irune Fernández, Joel García, Jordi Navarra
Multisensory processing in synesthesia – Differences in the EEG signal during uni- and multimodal processing
Christopher Sinke, Janina Neufeld, Daniel Wiswede, Hinderk M Emrich, Stefan Bleich, Gregor R Szycik
Crossmodal stimulation influences communication in visual-somatosensory cortical networks of Brown Norway rat
Kay Sieben, Ileana Hanganu-Opatz
Multisensory Processes in the synaesthetic brain – An event-related potential study in multisensory competition situations
Janina Neufeld, Christopher Sinke, Daniel Wiswede, Hinderk Meiners Emrich, Stefan Bleich, Gregor Raphael Szycik
Changes in temporal binding related to decreased vestibular input
Nai-Yuan Nicholas Chang, Alex Kramer Malone, Timothy Everett Hullar
Recovery Periods of Event-Related Potentials Indicating Crossmodal Interactions Between the Visual, Auditory and Tactile System
Marlene Hense, Boukje Habets, Brigitte Roeder
Updating Expectencies about Audiovisual Associations in Speech
Tim Paris, Jeesun Kim, Christopher Davis
Cross-sensory cuing drives cross-frequency neural coupling, dramatically altering performance of a taxing visual-detection task.
Foxe J. John, Adam C. Snyder, Manuel M. Mercier, John S. Butler, Sophie Molholm, Ian C. Fiebelkorn
The effects of audiovisual task-set in visual search
Pawel J. Matusz, Martin Eimer
Early Auditory sensory processing is facilitated by visual mechanisms
Sonja Schall, Stefan J. Kiebel, Burkhard Maess, Katharina von Kriegstein
Intramodal and crossmodal refracory effects: Evidence from oscillatory brain activity
Davide Bottari, Sophie Rohlf, Marlene Hense, Boukje Habets, Brigitte Roeder
Auditory modulation of oscillatory activity in extra-striate visual cortex and its contribution to audio-visual multisensory integration: A human intracranial EEG study
Manuel R. Mercier, John J. Foxe, Ian C. Fiebelkorn, John S. Butler, Theodore H. Schwartz, Sophie Molholm
The hands have it: hand-specific vision of touch enhances touch perception and somatosensory evoked potentials
Brenda Malcolm, Karen Reilly, Jérémie Mattout, Roméo Salemme, Olivier Bertrand, Michael S. Beauchamp, Tony Ro, Alessandro Farnè


Examining tactile spatial remapping using transcranial magnetic stimulation
Jared Medina, Shaan Khurshid, Roy H. Hamilton, H. Branch Coslett
Migraine, motion sensitivity, and temporal binding
Timothy Everett Hullar, Alexander Kremer Malone, Spencer Benjamin Smith, Nai-Yuan Nicholas Chang
Psychedelic synaesthesia: Evidence for a serotonergic role in synaesthesia
David Luke, Devin Terhune, Ross Friday
Mirror-touch synaesthesia and broader social perception abilities
Michael Banissy
Magdalena Chechlacz, Anna Terry, Pia Rotshtein, Wai-Ling Bickerton, Glyn Humphreys
ERP evidence for crossmodal interactions during the encoding of audio-visual motion offsets
Kristina Schmiedchen, Nicole Richter, Stephan Getzmann, Erich Schröger, Rudolf Rübsamen
Intra- and crossmodal refractory effects in auditory and somatosensory ERPs
Boukje Habets, Marlene Hense, Davide Bottari, Brigitte Roeder
An Acquired Deficit of Intermodal Temporal Processing for Audiovisual Speech: A Case Study
Daniel Drebing, Jared Medina, Branch Coslett, Jeffrey T. Shenton, Roy Hamilton
Forming of intelligence that is intermittently opened to the real world – How a newborn baby acquires primitive intelligence-
Shinji Karasawa
Multisensory Cueing and the Attention Network Test in Aging
Jeannette R. Mahoney, Joe Verghese, Kristina Dumas, Cuiling Wang, Roee Holtzer

Computational Modelling / Engineering

A neurocomputational model of cortical auditory-visual illusions
Cristiano Cuppini, Elisa Magosso, Mauro Ursino
Predictive power in models of audiovisual integration of speech
Tobias Søren Andersen
Vincent A Billock, Brian H. Tsou

Other fields

Crossmodal correspondences
Cesare Valerio Parise
Acquiring object affordances through touch, vision, and language
Argiro Vatakis, Katerina Pastra, Panagiotis Dimitrakis
4 year olds localize tactile stimuli using an external frame of reference
Jannath Begum, Andrew J Bremner, Dorothy Cowie
Evaluating multi-sensory congruency through atmospherics for Carte Noire Instinct®
James Andrew Gater
Providing a human user artificial ability to control their eyes independently with various eye movement patterns
Fumio Mizuno, Tomoaki Hayasaka, Takami Yamaguchi