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Keynote Talk

Melding of minds: Combination of sensory cues improves spatial perception Abstract
Dora Angelaki
The organization of modules in posterior parietal cortex of primates for specific sensorimotor functions Abstract
Jon Kaas, Iwona Stepniewska, Omar Gharbawie
Multisensory Integration: Current Results and Future Methodologies Abstract
Nikos Logothetis


An embodied view of multisensory speech Abstract
Kevin Munhall, David Ostry, Charlie Schroeder, Asif A Ghazanfar
The Development of Multisensory Integration Abstract
David J. Lewkowicz, Mark Wallace, Robert Lickliter, Lorraine Bahrick, Asif A. Ghazanfar, Bruce D. McCandliss
Plasticity and Synergy in Multisensory Integration Abstract
Barry Edward Stein, Terrence R Stanford, Benjamin Rowland, John G McHaffie, Elisabetta Làdavas
New Insights into Crossmodal Plasticity Abstract
M. Alex Meredith, Susan Shore, Brian Allman, Steve Lomber, Gary Paige
Multisensory Processing in Flavour Perception Abstract
Andy Woods, Garmt Dijksterhuis, Larry Marks, Julie Boyle, Donald Katz, Max Zampini

Psychophysics / Experimental Psychology

Amputees 'neglect' the space near their missing hand Abstract
Tamar R Makin, Meytal Wilf, Isabella Schwartz, Ehud Zohary
Motion aftereffects transfer between touch and vision Abstract
Talia Konkle, Qi Wang, Vincent Hayward, Christopher I Moore (Talk)
Sensitivity to audiovisual correspondence depends on temporal structure Abstract
Rachel Denison, Jon Driver, Christian Ruff (Talk)
Disrupting spatial remapping of touch with TMS Abstract
Elena Azañón, Matthew R. Longo, Patrick Haggard, Salvador Soto-Faraco (Talk)
‘When birds of a feather flock together’: Synesthetic correspondences modulate audiovisual integration in non-synesthetes Abstract
Cesare Valerio Parise, Charles Spence (Talk)
Explaining the Colavita Visual Dominance Effect Abstract
Charles Spence, Cesare Parise, Yi-Chuan Chen (Talk)
Multisensory Integration in Prelingually Deafened Adults with Cochlear Implants Abstract
Julie M Verhoff, Lynne E Bernstein (Talk)
Redundant target or focused attention: Two different paradigms but the same crossmodal integration mechanism? Abstract
Adele Diederich, Hans Colonius (Talk)
The Illusory Flash Effect in school-aged children reveals developmental changes in auditory dominance Abstract
Elena Nava, Gabriella Gloria Scala, Francesco Pavani (Talk)
The development of visual-proprioceptive integration in reaching in typically developing children and children with a diagnosis of Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) Abstract
Andrew J. Bremner, Michelle Pratt, Charles Spence, Elisabeth L Hill (Talk)
Audio-visual integration in fall-prone older adults Abstract
Annalisa Setti, Kate E. Burke, RoseAnne Kenny, Fiona N. Newell (Talk)
Development of variance reduction by cue integration between and within modalities Abstract
Marko Nardini, Rachael Bedford, Denis Mareschal (Talk)
Competition for attentional resources between auditory and visual spatial cues Abstract
Thomas Koelewijn, Adelbert Bronkhorst, Jan Theeuwes (Talk)
The effects of arm and eye position on the perceived location of touches on the arm. Abstract
Vanessa Harrar, Laurence R Harris (Talk)
Tool-use induces functional updating of the body schema Abstract
Lucilla Cardinali, Francesca Frassinetti, Claudio Brozzoli, Christian Urquizar, Alice C. Roy, Alessandro Farnè (Talk)
Tactile and Auditory Cues to Communicate Multiple Levels of Information Abstract
Ellen C Haas, Christopher Stachowiak, Timothy White, Krishna Pilalamarri, Theodric Feng (Talk)
Speech Motor Learning Modifies Speech Perception Abstract
Sazzad M Nasir, David J Ostry (Talk)
The Influence of Visual Stimuli on Auditory Apparent Motion Perception Abstract
Thorsten Kluss, Niclas Schult, Christoph Zetzsche, Manfred Fahle, Kerstin Schill (Talk)
The number and precision of neural timing processes underlying duration perception in vision and audition, estimated using the “equivalent noise? paradigm Abstract
David Alais, Joel Cooper (Talk)
the breakdown of multisensory speech perception in autism and schizophrenia Abstract
John J. Foxe, Lars Ross, Dave saint-Amour, Victoria Leavitt, Daniella Blanco, Sophie Molholm (Talk)
Phonetic learning in audiovisual speech Abstract
Jean Vroomen (Talk)
Intersensory Facilitation Across the Life-Span: Adults Show Enhanced Discrimination of Tempo in Bimodal vs. Unimodal Stimulation Abstract
Lorraine E. Bahrick, James T. Todd, Melissa A. Argumosa, Rebecca Grossman, Irina Castellanos, Barbara M. Sorondo (Poster)
Gone in a Flash: Manipulation of Audiovisual Temporal Integration Using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Abstract
Roy Hoshi Hamilton (Poster)
Phonetic recalibration only occurs in speech mode Abstract
Jean Vroomen, Martijn Baart (Poster)
The influence of auditory velocity cues on distance reproduction during simulated self motion Abstract
Anna Siever, Frank Bremmer (Poster)
Modality-Specific Clock Components and Memory Mechanisms: Evidence from Parallel Timing Abstract
Pierre-Luc Gamache, Simon Grondin (Poster)
Recalibration of perceptual timing between one’s own action and associated sensory feedback Abstract
Masaharu Kato, Norimichi Kitagawa, Makio Kashino (Poster)
Perceptual constancy effects in taste discrimination Abstract
Andy Thomas Woods, Ellen Poliakoff, Donna Lloyd, Garmt Dijksterhuis (Poster)
Bayesian integration of visual and vestibular signals for heading Abstract
John Simon Butler, Heinrich H. Bülthoff, Stuart T Smith (Poster)
Asynchrony adaptation induces non-uniform changes in perceived timing Abstract
Neil Roach, James Heron, David Whitaker, Paul McGraw (Poster)
Aurally aided visual search in depth using ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ crowds Abstract
Jason S Chan, Simon Dobbyn, Paul McDonald, Henry J Rice, Carol O'Sullivan, Fiona N Newell (Poster)
Visuo-Motor versus Audio-Motor Temporal Recalibration Abstract
Yoshimori Sugano, Mirjam Keetels, Jean Vroomen (Poster)
A Crossmodal Müller-Lyer Illusion Abstract
Flavia Mancini, Emanuela Bricolo, Giuseppe Vallar (Poster)
In search of an efferent rule in multisensory binding Abstract
Nina Jahn, Kielan Yarrow (Poster)
Adaptation to audiovisual asynchrony modulates the speeded detection of sound Abstract
Jordi Navarra, Jessica Hartcher-O'Brien, Charles Spence (Poster)
A relation between Pseudo-Haptic perception and preceding / delayed visual image Abstract
Tomoko Yonemura, Hiroki Kawasaki, Shin Okamoto, Hideyuki Ando, Taro Maeda (Poster)
Surface properties affect within- and cross-modal object recognition Abstract
Jenelle Hall, Simon Lacey, K Sathian (Poster)
Perception of emotion in face and voice: Crosscultural comparison Abstract
Akihiro Tanaka, Ai Koizumi, Hisato Imai, Saori Hiramatsu, Eriko Hiramoto, Beatrice de Gelder (Poster)
Effect before cause: Bayesian adaptation explains sensorimotor temporal recalibration Abstract
James Heron, James Vincent Michael Hanson, David Whitaker (Poster)
Veridical auditory information enhances visual sensitivity to biological motion Abstract
James Philip Thomas, Maggie Shiffrar (Poster)
Gender and Vision in the Crossed Hands TOJ Deficit Abstract
Michelle L. Cadieux, Michael Barnett-Cowan, David I. Shore (Poster)
Spatial integration of audio-visual infromation in the peripheral visual field. Abstract
DaeGee KANG, Ryota MIYAUCHI, Yukio IWAYA, Yo-iti SUZUKI (Poster)
carolina sanchez, agnès alsius, james T Enns, salvador soto-faraco (Poster)
Affective expression as multisensory binding feature in a ventriloquist situation Abstract
Brigitte Roeder, Maren Wolfram, Nils Skotara, Julia Foecker (Poster)
Crossmodal short-term memory representation of visual and kinaesthetic information Abstract
Anna Seemüller, Katja Fiehler, Frank Rösler (Poster)
When hearing the bark helps to identify the dog: Semantically-congruent sounds modulate the identification of masked pictures Abstract
Yi-Chuan Chen, Charles Spence (Poster)
Effect of vestibular information on sound source distance travelled estimation Abstract
Shuichi Sakamoto, Fumimasa Furune, Wataru Teramoto, Kenzo Sakurai, Jiro Gyoba, Yo-iti Suzuki (Poster)
Eye gaze and head orientation as spatial cues to visual and auditory targets: The head’s wired for sound Abstract
Hugh Hawthorne, Andrew J. Bremner, Charles Spence (Poster)
Is audiotactile temporal recalibration stimulus-specific? Abstract
Ignacio Velasco Marugán, Jordi Navarra (Poster)
Visual object recognition by prehension movement Abstract
Francesco Campanella, Maria Concetta Morrone, Giulio Sandini (Poster)
An investigation of visuohaptic integration: visual vs. haptic dominance; unimodal vs. bimodal exploration; common vs. uncommon sources Abstract
Jennifer Lynn Woodland, Alexander E. Wilson (Poster)
Enhancement of vocal sound detection by facial view in the monkey Abstract
Yoshinao Kajikawa, Charles E Schroeder (Poster)
A Visual or Tactile Signal Can Make the Auditory System More Efficient but Not Less Noisy Abstract
Ewen A. Chao, Bosco S. Tjan, Lynne E. Bernstein (Poster)
Completion of a visual motion representation by auditory information Abstract
Wataru Teramoto, Souta Hidaka, Jiro Gyoba, Yo-iti Suzuki (Poster)
Pay attention, the message is coming up! Abstract
Beatriz Blanca, Daniel Sanabria, Jordi Navarra, ?ngel Correa (Poster)
Visual freezing effect by sound in infants Abstract
Yuji Wada, Nobu Shirai, Yumiko Otsuka, So Kanazawa, Masami K Yamaguchi (Poster)
Visual-Vestibular Cue Combination during Temporal Asynchrony Abstract
Jennifer Campos, John Butler, Heinrich Buelthoff (Poster)
Multisensory disambiguation of a temporal pattern Abstract
Caterina Bertini, Claudia Passamonti, Benjamin Rowland, Barry Stein (Poster)
The ability of haptics to modulate the Ebbinghaus illusion Abstract
Toshiko Mochizuki, Rie Kashiwabara, Keiko Omori (Poster)
Effects of preparing a manual movement towards and away from the body on visual and tactile probe detection. Abstract
José Van Velzen, Leola Thomas-Chirnside (Poster)
Perceptual weight judgments when viewing own and other’s movements under minimalist conditions of visual presentation Abstract
Malika Auvray, Thomas Hoellinger, Sylvain Hanneton, Agnes Roby-brami (Poster)
Multimodal integration in perceiving direction of self-motion from visual and vestibular stimulation Abstract
Toshio Kubodera, Philip M. Grove, Shuichi Sakamoto, Yo-iti Suzuki, Kenzo Sakurai (Poster)
Audiovisual interaction: Spatial attention effects and duration illusion Abstract
Beatriz R. Sarmiento, Daniel Sanabria Lucena (Poster)
Statistical learning of crossmodal associations is better than unisensory associations Abstract
Robyn Sun Kim, Aaron Seitz, Ladan Shams (Poster)
Interactions between tactile and auditory signals in roughness perception: A human psychophysical study Abstract
Manuel Gomez-Ramirez, C. Lee, J. F. Dammann III, J. C. Craig, S. S. Hsiao, T. Yoshioka (Poster)
The way of touch: the important factor for visual adjustment of haptic size judgements Abstract
Kensuke Oshima, Shigeru Ichihara (Poster)
The effect of binocular and monocular viewing on sound localization Abstract
Adria E. N. Hoover, Laurence R. Harris, Jennifer K. E. Steeves (Poster)
Unisensory temporal performance is predictive of the size of the temporal window of multisensory integration Abstract
Leslie Ellen Dowell, Haleh Kadivar, Mark Wallace (Poster)
You see? You dont’ feel: Spatially Modulated Visuo-tactile Extinction in Healthy Subjects Abstract
Claudio Brozzoli, Romeo Salemme, Alessandro Farnè (Poster)
Integration of Cued Speech with residual hearing Abstract
Jintao Jiang (Poster)
Multiple Modes of Perceptual Training Induce a Narrowing in the Multisensory Temporal Binding Window Abstract
Albert R. Powers, Andrea R. Hillock, Mark T. Wallace (Poster)
Proprioceptive mis-estimation of head orientation and the apparent steepness of downhill slopes Abstract
Zhi Li, Frank H Durgin (Poster)
Perception of deceleration during simulated steering by using variation of linear acceleration and tilt Abstract
Anca Melania Stratulat, Christophe Bourdin, Vincent Roussarie, Jean-Louis Vercher (Poster)
Short-term Memory Representation of Tactile Stimuli to Fingertips. Abstract
Yuki Miyazaki, Takako Yoshida, Hiromi Wake, Tenji Wake, Shigeru Ichihara (Poster)
Audio-visual synchrony perception for stimulus onset and offset Abstract
Maori Kobayashi, Shuichi Sakamoto, Yoiti Suzuki (Poster)
Thermal intensity perception under thermo-tactile interaction Abstract
Hsin-Ni Ho, Junji Watanabe, Hideyuki Ando, Makio Kashino (Poster)
Mixed Emotions: Audition can modulate the visual perception of the emotion of a crowd. Abstract
Joanna Edel McHugh, Fiona N Newell (Poster)
Do Dynamic Visual Analogues Aid Detection of Auditory Stress Patterns in Dyslexia? Abstract
Victoria Cheah, Jarmo Hamalainen, Fruzsina Soltesz, Usha Goswami (Poster)
A Comparison of Audio-Visual Interactions in Magno- and Parvocellular Visual Pathways Abstract
Philip Jaekl, Salvador Soto-Faraco (Poster)
Short term memory for tactile stimuli presented on the fingertips and across the body surface Abstract
Malika Auvray, Alberto Gallace, Charles Spence (Poster)
Auditory influences on the temporal dynamics of binocular rivalry Abstract
Verena Conrad, Andreas Bartels, Mario Kleiner, Uta Noppeney (Poster)
Saccade characteristics reveal the timing of somatosensory encoding Abstract
Krista Overvliet, Elena Azañon, Salvador Soto-Faraco (Poster)
Assessing the effects of voluntary action on sensitivity to temporal asynchrony between auditory and somatosensory events Abstract
Norimichi Kitagawa, Masaharu Kato, Makio Kashino (Poster)
Specialization in audiovisual speech perception: a replication study Abstract
Kasper Eskelund, Tobias S Andersen (Poster)
From unsupervised to supervised categorization in vision and haptics Abstract
Nina Gaißert, Christian Wallraven, Isabelle Bülthoff (Poster)
Visual experience supports haptic face recognition: Evidence from the early- and late-blind Abstract
Lisa Dopjans, Christian Wallraven, Heinrich H. Bülthoff (Poster)
Perceptual Interactions in the Detectability and Loudness of Combined Auditory-Tactile Stimuli Abstract
E. Courtenay Wilson, Louis D. Braida, Charlotte M. Reed (Poster)
Top-down influences on the detection and discrimination of spatially-distributed auditory-somatosensory events. Abstract
Holger Franz Sperdin, Céline Cappe, Micah M Murray (Poster)
Maturation of audiovisual simultaneity judgment. Abstract
Andrea R. Hillock, Albert R. Powers, Mark T. Wallace (Poster)
Behavioural investigations of audiotactile interactions in humans Abstract
Valeria Occelli (Poster)
Vestibular perception is slow Abstract
Michael Barnett-Cowan, Laurence R Harris (Poster)
Tactile Influence Upon Visual Perception of the Ambiguous Motion Quartets Abstract
Joanna M. Koutros, Brian T. Quinn, Chad Carlson, Amy Trongnetrpunya, Eric Halgren, Thomas Thesen (Poster)
The Semantics of Touch:How People Intuitively Perceive and Interpret Tactile Signals Abstract
Huiyang Li, Thomas Ferris, Nadine Sarter (Poster)
Orienting endogenous attention to our own and other’s body representations Abstract
Clara Aranda, Maria Ruz, Daniel Sanabria, Manos Tsakiris, Pio Tudela (Poster)
Walking changes perceived visual speed of both expanding and contracting optic flow fields Abstract
Jan L. Souman, Verena Eikmeier, Marc O. Ernst, Tom C.A. Freeman (Poster)
Stimulus duration has influence on the perceived simultaneity in audiovisual temporal order judgment Abstract
Lars Torben Boenke, Matthias Deliano, Frank Ohl (Poster)
Visuo-motor resonance in older adults Abstract
Kate Burke, Annalisa Setti, Marco T. Liuzza, Anna M. Borghi, Fiona N. Newell (Poster)
Cognitive load during training facilitates expert skilled performance in a complex spatio-temporal domain Abstract
Lisa Wise (Poster)
Multisensory influence on the perception of foreign accented speech Abstract
Rebecca Kate Reed, Edward T Auer, Jr (Poster)
When right feels left: referral of touch and ownership between the hands Abstract
Valeria Ivanova Petkova, Henrik Ehrsson (Poster)
Hemifield Asymmetry in the Integration of Exogenous Auditory and Visual Cues in the Capture of Visuospatial Attention in Visual Line Bisection Abstract
Mark E McCourt, Yamaya Sosa, Aaron M Clarke (Poster)
Accuracy and Precision of Auditory-Visual Localization in the Two-Dimensional Frontal Field: A Test of the Modality Precision Model Abstract
Martine Godfroy, Robert Welch, Patrick MB Sandor, Corinne Roumes (Poster)
Visual Orientation and Navigation in 3D space: Active manual control countermeasures Abstract
Martine Godfroy, Joel Miller, Patrick MB Sandor, Bernard D. Adelstein (Poster)
Integrating nonspatial, nontemporal multisensory information in action-based perception Abstract
Bruno Lucio Giordano, Federico Avanzini, Marcelo Wanderley, Stephen McAdams (Poster)
Audio-visual speech perception and attention Abstract
Jyrki Tuomainen, Raeya Abbas, Michael Coleman (Poster)
Audiovisual integration of emotional signals from solo improvisation Abstract
Karin Petrini, Phil McAleer, Frank Pollick (Poster)
Auditory capture on the visual Ternus effect: the influence of subjective inter-sound interval Abstract
Zhuanghua Shi, Lihan Chen, Hermann J. Müller (Poster)
The critical pre/post-event temporal range for stable crossmodal perception: Evidence from the stream/bounce display Abstract
Yousuke Kawachi, Michiaki Shibata, Hideaki Kawabata, Miho Kitamura, Jiro Gyoba (Poster)
Unmasking the dichoptic mask by sound Abstract
Su-Ling Yeh, Yung-Hao Yang (Poster)
Does Maximum Likelihood Integration Predict How we Perceive Walking Humans? A Study on the Audiovisual Integration of Biological Motion Abstract
Ana Catarina Mendonça (Poster)
What perspective do people take when interpreting tactile letters presented on their bodies? Abstract
Malika Auvray, alberto Gallace, Charles Spence (Poster)
Does sound help locate a moving visual target in a busy dynamic scene? Abstract
Daniel K Rogers (Poster)
Vestibular facilitation of optic flow parsing Abstract
Paul Ryan MacNeilage, Jimmy Zhang, Dora Angelaki (Poster)
Distortion of visual and auditory duration in short term memory Abstract
Kohske Takahashi, Katsumi Watanabe (Poster)
Cross-modal attention in the pause-and-go fan illusion Abstract
Su-Ling Yeh, Chien-Hui Chiu, Chuan-Heng Hsiao (Poster)
Does color have a perceptual and/or cognitive (decisional) influence on human flavor perception? Abstract
Carmel A Levitan, Megumi Sugawara, Charles Spence (Poster)
Assessing the implicit association between sour food & high-pitched sounds Abstract
Anne-Sylvie Crisinel, Charles Spence (Poster)
What you feel within a move: The spread of tactile attention during goal-directed movements Abstract
Georgiana Juravle, Heiner Deubel, Charles Spence (Poster)
Low but accurate detection rates for small degrees of Audiovisual Asynchrony Abstract
Durk Talsma (Poster)
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Temporally Synchronous and Spatially Predictive Cues in Visual Search Abstract
Mary Kim Ngo, Charles Spence (Poster)
Auditory Effects on the Timing of Exogenous and Endogenous Visual Attention Abstract
Mirjam Keetels, Jean Vroomen (Poster)
Auditory-Visual Interactions and Rhythmic Structure Abstract
Victoria Cheah, Fruzsina Soltesz, Denes Szucs, Usha Goswami (Poster)
Audiovisual synchrony detection for speech and music signals Abstract
Hwee-Ling Lee, Uta Noppeney (Poster)
The impact of Multisensory and Unisensory Integration on covert and overt orienting Abstract
Claudia Passamonti, Fabrizio Leo, Elisabetta Làdavas (Poster)
Does Maximum Likelihood Integration Predict How we Perceive Walking Humans? A Study on the Audiovisual Integration of Biological Motion Abstract
Ana Catarina Mendonça, Jorge A Santos, Miguel Castelo-Branco (Poster)
Auditory-tactile temporal order judgments during active exploration Abstract
Ilja Frissen, Mounia Ziat, Gianni Campion, Vincent Hayward, Catherine Guastavino (Poster)
The perception of temporal regularity across modalities Abstract
Sandra Quinn, David Burr (Poster)
Effects of tone-sequence frequency changes on visible persistence of apparently moving visual stimuli Abstract
Souta Hidaka, Wataru Teramoto, Jiro Gyoba, Yôiti Suzuki (Poster)
I'll be your mirror: Visuo-tactile stimulation modulates the representation of one's own face Abstract
Ana Tajadura-Jiménez, Manos Tsakiris (Poster)
Multimodal Bayesian combination of visual information about object size with observation of an actor: cue integration by the mirror neuron system? Abstract
Monica Gori, Allessandra Sciutti, Giulio Sandini, David Burr (Poster)
Haptic discrimination in blind and low-vision children Abstract
Monica Gori, Giulio Sandini, Cristina Martinoli, David Burr (Poster)
Effects of a secondary task and working memory load on visual-proprioceptive multisensory integration when reaching Abstract
Andrew J. Bremner, Francia Acosta-Saltos, Charles Spence, Jan de Fockert (Poster)
Capturing driver attention by activating the brain’s defensive system Abstract
Cristy Ho, Charles Spence (Poster)
Two opposing mechanisms in the calibration of simultaneity in temporal order judgments Abstract
Shinya Yamamoto, Makoto Miyazaki, Takayuki Iwano, Shigeru Kitazawa (Poster)


Having a body versus moving your body: neural signatures of body-ownership and agency Abstract
Manos Tsakiris, Matthew Longo, Patrick Haggard (Talk)
. Inverse effectiveness in BOLD-response and its behavioural relevance in object categorization Abstract
Uta Noppeney, Sebastian Werner (Talk)
Audiomotor interactions during listening to improvised piano melodies Abstract
Annerose Engel, Peter E. Keller (Poster)
Audiovisual integration of emotional and linguistic signals in voice and face Abstract
Laura S. Copeland, Shari R. Baum, Vincent L. Gracco (Poster)
Tactile Temporal Processing in the Auditory Cortex Abstract
Nadia Bolognini, Costanza Papagno, Angelo Maravita (Poster)
Audiovisual speech integration is modulated by the interpretation of the auditory stimuli: An ERP study Abstract
Jeroen Stekelenburg, Jean Vroomen (Poster)
The cerebral network involved in the cross-modal interactions between human faces and voices during recognition. Abstract
Frederic Joassin, Pierre Maurage, Mauro Pesenti, Emilie Verreckt, Raymond Bruyer, Salvatore Campanella (Poster)
Neural modulation of felt and seen touch on one’s own face: a fMRI study Abstract
Flavia Cardini, Marcello Costantini, Gaspare Galati, Elisabetta Làdavas, Andrea Serino (Poster)
Temporal dynamics of sound-induced contrast enhancement Abstract
Sascha Tyll, Bjoern Bonath, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Toemme Noesselt (Poster)
Multisensory attentional-spread activity reveals tighter audiovisual-synchrony constraints for the spatial shifts of ventriloquism than for the temporal linking of auditory and visual events Abstract
Sarah E. Donohue, Maria A. Pavlova, Kenneth C. Roberts, Tineke Grent-'t-Jong, Marty G. Woldorff (Poster)
Do effects of training on texture categorisation transfer across modalities? Abstract
Cristina Simoes-Franklin, Mark Byrne, T. Aisling Whitaker, Fiona N. Newell (Poster)
Multi-modal versus modality-specific activation within the "what" and "where" processing streams for sounds and vibro-tactile stimuli Abstract
laurent albert renier, Irina Anurova, Anne ghislaine De Volder, Synnöve Carlson, John VanMeter, Josef Peter Rauschecker (Poster)
Spatial and temporal factors in audiovisual interplay: An fMRI sudy Abstract
Bjoern Bonath, Sascha Tyll, Hans Jochen Heinze, Steven A. Hillyard, Toemme Noesselt (Poster)
The contributions of transient and sustained responses to audiovisual integration of dynamic information Abstract
Sebastian Werner, Uta Noppeney (Poster)
Investigating the Interplay of Time & Semantics during Multimodal Integration Abstract
Jean M Vettel, Adrian Nestor, Chris W. Bird, Laurie M. Heller, Tim Curran, Michael J. Tarr (Poster)
Multisensory interactions facilitate categorical discrimination of objects Abstract
Celine Cappe, Micah M. Murray (Poster)
Effective connectivity of human lateral occipital complex (LOC) during visuo-haptic object perception Abstract
Jasper J.F. van den Bosch, Yavor Yalachkov, Oliver Doehrmann, Jochen Kaiser, Marcus J. Naumer (Poster)
fMRI of a visual-haptic ambiguous rotating sphere Abstract
Matthias Bischoff, Knut Drewing, Tobias Polley, Carlo Blecker, Karen Zentgraf, Dieter Vaitl, Gebhard Sammer (Poster)
Network Analyses of Multisensory Processing Abstract
Paul J Laurienti, Christina E Hugenschmidt, Joseph A Maldjian, Benjamin Wagner, Satoru Hayasaka (Poster)
Inverse effectiveness in the left but not right lateral occipital cortex during visuo-haptic object categorization Abstract
Sunah Kim, Daniel Eylath, Ryan Stevenson, Aaron Scott, Thomas James (Poster)
Visual-Auditory Synchrony Boosts BOLD Response in Posterior Temporal and Occipital Cortices Abstract
Richard Kirk Lewis, Uta Noppeney (Poster)
The left fusiform gyrus processes visual, tactile, and auditory features of manipulable objects Abstract
Tanja Kassuba, Corinna Klinge, Cordula Hagemann, Hartwig R. Siebner (Poster)
Olfactory function is correlated to cortical thickness of chemosensory and non-chemosensory regions Abstract
Johannes Frasnelli (Poster)
Neural correlates of audiovisual speech integration in second language Abstract
Marco Calabresi, Alfonso Barrós-Loscertales, Noelia Ventura-Campos, Juan Carlos Bustamante, Agnés Alsius, César Avila, Salvador Soto-Faraco (Poster)
Investigating viable criteria for assessing neuronal convergence with BOLD fMRI Abstract
Ryan Andrew Stevenson, Sunah Kim, Thomas Wellington James (Poster)
A visuo-haptic object-related fMR-adaptation: a new approach to studying multisensory interactions Abstract
Noa Tal, Amir Amedi (Poster)
Brain topography and the binding problem at the multisensory level in humans: new insights gained by using fMRI spectral analysis Abstract
uri hertz, Amir Amedi (Poster)
Highly transient neuroplasticity following one session of learning to use a sensory substitution device: an fMRI study Abstract
Ella Striem, Ornella Dakwar, Amir Amedi (Poster)
Perceiving schematic faces and man-made objects using a visual-to-auditory sensory substitution activates the fusiform gyrus Abstract
Paula Plaza, Isabel Cuevas, Olivier Collignon, Cécile Grandin, Anne G De Volver, Laurent Renier (Poster)
Olfactory processing in early blind subjects: psychophysical and functional magnetic resonance imaging study Abstract
Isabel Cuevas, Paula Plaza, Philippe Rombaux, Cécile Grandin, Olivier Collignon, Anne G. De Volder, Laurent Renier (Poster)
Neural correlates of disambiguating an ambiguous multisensory motion stimulus Abstract
Benjamin Taylor Files, Lynne E Bernstein (Poster)
Evidence for distinct roles of posterior superior temporal sulcus and inferior frontal areas in audiovisual action recognition. Abstract
Georg F Meyer, Sophie Wuerger (Poster)
Granger causality mapping reveals congruency-dependent directed influences from superior temporal to auditory cortex during audiovisual integration Abstract
Nienke van Atteveldt, Alard Roebroeck, Rainer Goebel (Poster)
Decomposition of audiovisual interactions in event-related fields using independent component analysis Abstract
Melissa M Pangelinan, Erika K Hussey, Shelby N Wilson, David E Poeppel (Poster)
Entrainment of Neuronal oscillations as a mechanism of attentional selection: human intracranial recordings Abstract
Julien Besle, Peter Lakatos, Cathy Schevon, Robert R Goodman, Guy McKhann, Ashesh D Mehta, Ron G Emerson, Charles E Schroeder (Poster)
Does a task-irrelevant sound modulate the spread of visual attention differently in lateral versus central visual attention? Abstract
Ulrike Zimmer, Suksun Itthipanyanan, Marty G Woldorff (Poster)
Combining hypothesis-generating and hypothesis-testing tools during analyses of multisensory fMRI data Abstract
Marcus J. Naumer, Jasper van den Bosch, Michael Wibral, Axel Kohler, Wolf Singer, Jochen Kaiser, Vincent van de Ven, Lars Muckli (Poster)
Auditory-visual multisensory interactions between task-irrelevant stimuli engage distinct configurations of brain networks at early latencies in humans Abstract
Celine Cappe, Gregor Thut, Vincenzo Romei, Micah M. Murray (Poster)
The timing of supramodal and unimodal spatial selection in a trial-by-trial cuing paradigm Abstract
Rob Henricus van der lubbe, Jurjen van der Helden (Poster)


Multisensory processing in children with autism: high-density electrical mapping of auditory-somatosensory integration Abstract
Natalie Russo, John J Foxe, Hilary Gomes, Alice Brown, Ted Altschuler, Sophie Molhom
Distinct temporal lobe projections to auditory and visual regions in the ventral prefrontal cortex support face and vocalization processing. Abstract
Maria M Diehl, Jennifer Bartlow-Kang, Tadashi Sugihara, Lizabeth M Romanski (Talk)
The Development of Multisensory Facilitation in Children and Early Adolescence Abstract
Ayla Barutchu, Hamish Innes-Brown, Sheila Crewther, Mohit Shivdasani, David Crewther, Antonio Paolini (Talk)
Visual influences on voice-selective neurons in the anterior superior-temporal plane Abstract
Catherine Perrodin, Christoph Kayser, Nikos K. Logothetis, Christopher I. Petkov (Talk)
Phase coherence evolution in cortical networks: adaptation to audiovisual stimulation with fixed inter-modality asynchrony Abstract
Abdelhafid Zeghbib, Antje Fillbrandt, Frank W. Ohl (Talk)
Attentional influences on multisensory processing Abstract
Marty G. Woldorff (Talk)
ERP evidence for early cross-modal integration in visual selection Abstract
Jan Theeuwes, Erik van der Burg, Chris Olivers, Durk Talsma, Adelbert Bronkhorst (Talk)
Visual take-over in postlingually deafened adult cochlear implant users Abstract
Filipa Campos Viola, Jemma Hine, Jeremy Thorne, Angela Barks, Julie Eyles, Stefan Bleck, Till Schneider, Stefan Debener (Poster)
Enhanced Sensory Perception in Synaesthesia Abstract
Michael Joseph Banissy, Vincent Walsh, Jamie Ward (Poster)
Audiovisual category transfer in rodents Abstract
Antje Fillbrandt, Frank W Ohl (Poster)
Facilitation and Interference Effects in Crossmodal Semantic Priming Abstract
Jeremy Thorne, Filipa Campos Viola, Till Schneider, Stefan Debener (Poster)
Examining cross-modal influence of the auditory brainstem response Abstract
W. David Hairston, Tomasz R Letowski, Kaleb McDowell (Poster)
Leslie P Keniston, Brian L Allman, M. Alex Meredith (Poster)
Multisensory Feature Binding: Does Visual Object Processing Modulate the Cross-Modal Spread of Attention? Abstract
Ian C. Fiebelkorn, John J. Foxe, Adam Snyder, Sophie Molholm (Poster)
Vocalization-context dependent neural representation of faces in monkey lateral prefrontal cortex Abstract
Joji Tsunada, Allison E Baker, Selina J Davis, Asif A Ghazanfar, Yale E Cohen (Poster)
Contribution of visual and vestibular signals in extrastriate visual cortex to heading perception Abstract
Yong Gu, Gregory C DeAngelis, Dora E Angelaki (Poster)
A Comparison of Spatial Receptive Field Architecture of Multisensory Neurons in Subcortex and Cortex Abstract
Juliane Krueger, Matthew C Fister, Michelle S Young, Zachary P Barnett, Brian N Carriere, David W Royal, Mark T Wallace (Poster)
Multisensory influences in auditory and superior temporal cortex Abstract
Christoph Kayser, Christoph Dahl, Stefano Panzeri, Nikos K Logothetis (Poster)
Auditory input modulates activity in primary somatosensory cortex Abstract
Gabriella Musacchia, Peter Lakatos, Aimee Mills, Charles Schroeder (Poster)
A helping hand: an enhancement of the visual response by skin region. Abstract
Joshua Nelson Lucan (Poster)
M. Alex Meredith, Leslie P Keniston, Brian L Allman (Poster)
Axel H Winneke, Natalie A Phillips (Poster)
Auditory Stimuli Induce a Desynchronization of Steady-state Visual Evoked Potentials Abstract
Dan Zhang, Bo Hong, Brigitte Röder, Shangkai Gao (Poster)
Different Neural Frequency Bands Integrate Faces and Voices Differently in the Superior Temporal Sulcus Abstract
Chandramouli Chandrasekaran, Asif A Ghazanfar (Poster)
Reliability-based cue re-weighting in rhesus monkeys: behavior and neural correlates Abstract
Christopher R. Fetsch, Amanda H. Turner, Gregory C. DeAngelis, Dora E. Angelaki (Poster)
From bench to battlefield: Translating multi-modality research to system design Abstract
Kaleb McDowell, W. David Hairston, Ellen Haas, Kelvin S Oie (Poster)
Brian L Allman, Leslie P Keniston, M. Alex Meredith (Poster)
H Ruth Clemo, M. Alex Meredith (Poster)
Brian L Allman, Leslie P Keniston, M. Alex Meredith (Poster)
Fronto-parietal areas necessary for a multisensory representation of the Peripersonal Space in humans: a r-TMS study. Abstract
Andrea Serino, Elisabetta Làdavas, Alessio Avenanti (Poster)
Cortical motor activity modulated by vision of the hand Abstract
Pascale Touzalin-Chretien, André Dufour (Poster)
Sight, sound and touch less bound: a behavioral and ERP investigation of multisensory integration deficits in children with autism spectrum disorders. Abstract
Cliff Saron, Margarita Beransky, Yukari Takarae, David Horton, Ashley Stark, Susan Rivera (Poster)


Age differences in the pattern of benefit of audio-visual speech perception in younger and older adults Abstract
Natalie Phillips, Jean-Pierre Gagné, Madhavi Basu, Laura Copeland, Penny Gosselin, Arnaud Saint-Pierre, Axel Winneke (Talk)
Early visual deprivation alters multisensory processing in peripersonal space Abstract
Olivier Collignon, Geneviève Charbonneau, Maryse Lassonde, Franco Lepore (Poster)
Elucidating the correlates of the multisensory perception of naturalness Abstract
T Aisling Whitaker, Cristina Simoes-Franklin, Fiona N Newell (Poster)
Audio-visual integration of emotional processing: Evidence from event-related potentials Abstract
Julia Föcker, Brigitte Röder (Poster)
Polymorphism of the mu-opioid receptor gene (OPRM1) and visuotactile congruency effect Abstract
Noriaki Kanayama, Masahiro Matsunaga, Hideki Ohira (Poster)
The effects of temporal synchrony and visual material on audio-visual integration Abstract
Maria Mittag, Rika Takegata, Teija Kujala (Poster)
Amodal central calculation system underlying visual and auditory expert adding performance: a case study Abstract
Yixuan Ku, Wenjing Zhou, Dan Zhang, Bo Hong, Xiaorong Gao, Shangkai Gao (Poster)
Effects of Age on Multisensory Integration and Social Interaction Abstract test
Edyta Monika Hunter, Prof Louise H Phillips, Dr Sarah E MacPherson (Poster)
Isadora Olive, Julien Barra, Alain Berthoz (Poster)
Modulations of early visual evoked potential in the profoundly deaf Abstract
Davide Bottari, Anne Caclin, Marie-Hélène Giard, Francesco Pavani (Poster)
Audio-visual interactions in discrimination of intensity changes Abstract
I-Fan Lin, Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham, (Poster)

Computational Modelling / Engineering

Multisensory learning: from calibration, to associative learning to perceptual learning Abstract
Ladan Shams, Robert Jacobs, Aaron Seitz, Robyn Kim (Talk)
Neural correlates of peri-hand space re-sizing following tool use: A combined computational and in vivo study Abstract
Elisa Magosso, Andrea Serino, Mauro Ursino, Cristiano Cuppini, Giuseppe Di Pellegrino, Elisabetta Ladavàs (Poster)
The acquisition of Human EEG Data during Self-Motion on a Stewart Platform Abstract
Robert Whelan, Hugh Nolan, John S. Butler, Richard B. Reilly, Heinrich H. Bülthoff (Poster)
Multisensory integration in superior colliculus (SC) neurons: a computational study Abstract
Cristiano Cuppini, Mauro Ursino, Elisa Magosso, Benjamin Rowland, Barry Stein (Poster)
An Investigation of Perceptual Dependencies in Audiovisual Speech Perception Abstract
Nick Altieri, Noah Silbert, Lei Pei (Poster)
Lip-reading aids word recognition most in moderate noise: a Bayesian explanation using high-dimensional feature space Abstract
Xiang Zhou, Wei Ji Ma, Lars A Ross, John J Foxe, Lucas C Parra (Poster)
The optimal time window of integration Abstract
Hans Colonius, Adele Diederich (Poster)
Ventriloquist aftereffect reflects a shift in auditory likelihood functions Abstract
David Wozny, Ulrik Beierholm, Ladan Shams (Poster)

Other fields

Multisensory processing and arousal modulation in the nematode C. elegans Abstract
Yoshinori Tanizawa, William R. Schafer (Poster)
Body orientation and perspective influence conscious monitoring of locomotion in a virtual reality setting Abstract
Oliver Alan Kannape, Tej Tadi, Olaf Blanke (Poster)
A Matter of Perspective: Exposure to third- as opposed to first-person perspective during walking enlargens peripersonal space. Abstract
Tej Tadi, Patrick Salamin, Frederic Vexo, Olaf Blanke (Poster)
Anatomical connections suitable for the direct processing of multimodal information via the rodent primary auditory cortex Abstract
Eike Budinger, Henning Scheich (Poster)
Auditory influences on attending to and processing low-level visual stimuli early in development Abstract
Vivian M. Ciaramitaro, Karen R. Dobkins (Poster)