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Symposium: Multi-sensory integration, sensory substitution technology and visual rehabilitation (Monday AM)

Crossmodal perceptual learning and sensory substitution
Michael J Proulx
Evolving the ideal visual-to-auditory sensory substitution device using interactive genetic algorithms.
Thomas David Wright, Graham McAllister, Jamie Ward
"The brain as a sensory-motor task machine: what did visual deprivation and visual substitution studies teach us about brain (re)-organization"
Amir Amedi
Cross-modal brain plasticity in congenital blindness: lessons from the tongue display unit
ron kupers, Maurice Ptito
Preserved Functional Specialization in Sensory Substitution of the Early Blind
Josef P. Rauschecker, Laurent Renier, Paula Plaza, Anne DeVolder

Symposium: Multisensory integration from neurons to behavior; bridging the gap via computational models (Monday PM)

Modeling the temporal profile of multisensory integration
Benjamin A. Rowland, Terrence R. Stanford, Barry E. Stein
A computational model of the SC multisensory neurons: integrative capabilities, maturation and plasticity
Cristiano Cuppini, Mauro Ursino, Elisa Magosso, Benjamin A. Rowland, Barry E. Stein
Optimal time windows of integration
Hans Colonius, Adele Diederich
Modeling multisensory integration across different experimental paradigms
Adele Diederich, Hans Colonius

Symposium: Human Movement, Motor Learning and Sensory Plasticity (Tuesday AM)

Self-­Movement Perception is Violated by Implicit Sensorimotor Processing
Hiroaki Gomi
Sensorimotor Interactions in Speech Learning
Douglas M Shiller
Somatosensory Changes Accompanying Motor Learning
Paul L Gribble
Functionally Specific Changes in Sensorimotor Networks Following Motor Learning
David J Ostry

Symposium: Audiovisual integration: How early does it occur ? (Tuesday PM)

Audiovisual capture with ambiguous audiovisual stimuli
Jean-Michel Hupé, Daniel Pressnitzer
Implicit and Explicit Auditory Modulation on Perceptual Decision in Vision
Kohske Takahashi, Katsumi Watanabe
What you see is what you just heard: The effect of temporal rate adaptation on human intersensory perception
Carmel Levitan, Yih-Hsin Alison Ban, Shinsuke Shimojo
Crossmodal contingent aftereffect
Wataru Teramoto, Maori Kobayashi, Souta Hidaka, Yoichi Sugita
Classification of real and imagined sounds in early visual cortex
Petra Vetter

Symposium: Effects of proprioceptive and vestibular processing on visual perception (Wednesday AM)

Effects of proprioceptive processing on the illusory flash-lag effect in motion and luminance change.
Makoto Ichikawa, Yuko Masakura
The stream/bounce effect with manual control of moving disks
Philip M Grove, Micah Bernoff, Kenzo Sakurai
Influence of active manipulation of an object on visual motion perception
Kazumichi Matsumiya, Satoshi Shioiri
Visual and proprioceptive contributions to the perception of one's body.
laurence roy harris
Perceived direction of self-motion from orthogonally directed visual and vestibular stimulation in passive and active observation.
Kenzo Sakurai, Toshio Kubodera, Philip M. Grove, Shuichi Sakamoto, Yôiti Suzuki

Symposium: The influences of Multisensory Integration and Attention on Each Other (Thursday AM)

Representing space through the interplay between attention and multisensory integration
Emiliano Macaluso
Multisensory contributions to visual motion parsing
Salvador Soto-Faraco
Multisensory Attention in Motion: Uninformative Sounds Increase the Detectability of Direction Changes of Moving Visual Stimuli
Durk Talsma
The temporal window of multisensory integration under competing circumstances
Erik Van der Burg, John Cass, David Alais, Jan Theeuwes

Talk session 1 (Monday AM)

Crossmodal compensation during face-voice integration in cochlear implanted deaf patients.
Laure Chambaudie, Pascal Belin, Thibault Briere, Chris James, olivier Deguine, Pascal Barone
Enhanced visual abilities in prelingual but not postlingual cochlear implant recipients
Elena Nava, Francesco Pavani
Transferrable Learning of Multisensory Cues in Flight Simulation
Georg F Meyer, Li Wong, Emma Timson, Philip Perfect, Mark White
Multi-modal inference in animacy perception for artificial object
Kohske Takahashi, Katsumi Watanabe
Consistency between modalities enhances visually induced self-motion (vection)
Takeharu Seno, Hiroyuki Ito, Shoji Sunaga, Emi Hasuo, Yoshitaka Nakajima, Masaki Ogawa

Talk session 2 (Tuesday AM)

Efficient cross-modal transfer of shape information in visual and haptic object categorization
Nina Gaissert, Steffen Waterkamp, Loes van Dam, Heinrich Buelthoff, Christian Wallraven
Visual and haptic mental rotation
Satoshi Shioiri, Takanori Yamazaki, Kazumichi Matsumiya, Ichiro Kuriki
Haptic Influence on Visual Search
Marcia Grabowecky, Alexandra List, Lucica Iordanescu, Satoru Suzuki
Head displacement shifts the perceived location of touches in opposite directions depending on the task
Lisa M Pritchett, Michael J Carnevale, Laurence R Harris
Tactile working memory outside our hands
Takako Yoshida, Hong Tan, Charles Spence

Talk session 3 (Wednesday AM)

Crossmodal correspondences
Charles Spence, Cesare Parise, Ophelia Deroy
Oscillatory neural synchronization can predict intensity-dependent enhancement: A bridge between sensory binding theory and multisensory integration.
Vincent A Billock, Brian H. Tsou
Ensemble coding in audition
Elise Piazza, Timothy Sweeny, David Wessel, David Whitney
Direct contribution of auditory motion information to sound-induced visual motion perception
Souta Hidaka, Wataru Teramoto, Yoichi Sugita, Yuko Manaka, Shuichi Sakamoto, Yôiti Suzuki
Visual distance cues amplify neuromagnetic auditory N1m responses
Christian F Altmann, Masao Matsuhashi, Mikhail Votinov, Kazuhiro Goto, Tatsuya Mima, Hidenao Fukuyama

Talk session 4 (Thursday AM)

The other in me: Interpersonal multisensory stimulation changes the mental representation of the self
Ana Tajadura-Jimenez, Stephanie Grehl, Manos Tsakiris
Interaction between olfaction and gustation by using synchrony perception task
Tatsu Kobayakawa, Naomi Gotow
Musical sight-reading expertise: cross modality investigations
Veronique Drai-Zerbib, Thierry Baccino
Effects of Visual Food Texture on Taste Perception
Katsunori Okajima, Charles Spence
A Case of Phantom Synchiric Percepts in Touch and Vision
Jared Medina, Daniel E. Drebing, Roy H. Hamilton, H. Branch Coslett

Keynote 1 (Monday PM)

Transcending the Self – The Illusion of Body Ownership in Immersive Virtual Reality and its Impact on Behaviour
Mel Slater

Keynote 2 (Tuesday PM)

How the blind “See” Braille and the deaf “hear” sign: Lessons from fMRI on the cross-modal plasticity, integration, and learning
Norihiro Sadato

Keynote 3 (Thursday)

Multisensory perception of affect
Beatrice de Gelder

Student award session (Wednesday PM)

A multi-sensory illusion: Hong Kong Peak Tram Illusion (II) – Subjective Vertical
Hiu Mei Chow, Ping-Hui Chiu, Chia-huei Tseng, Lothar Spillmann
Context and Crossmodal Interactions: An ERP Study
Beatriz R. Sarmiento, Daniel Sanabria
Crossmodal transfer of object information in human echolocation
Santani Teng, Amrita Puri, David Whitney
Attention modulates the neural processes underlying multisensory integration of emotion
Hao Tam Ho, Erich Schröger, Sonja A. Kotz
A ventral visual stream reading center independent of sensory modality and visual experience
LIOR REICH, Ella Striem-Amit, Marcin Szwed, Ornella Dakwar, Miri Guendelman, Laurent Cohen, Amir Amedi
Temporal integration of auditory stimulation and binocular disparity signals
Marina Zannoli, John Cass, David Alais, Pascal Mamassian
Evidence for a mechanism encoding audiovisual spatial separation
Emily Orchard-Mills, Johahn Leung, Maria Concetta Morrone, David Burr, Ella Wufong, Simon Carlile, David Alais
What is sensory about multi-sensory enhancement of vision by sounds?
Alexis Pérez-Bellido, Salvador Soto-Faraco, Joan López-Moliner
Crossmodal semantic constraints on visual perception of binocular rivalry
Yi-Chuan Chen, Su-Ling Yeh, Charles Spence
Multisensory integration: When correlation implies causation
Cesare Valerio Parise, Vanessa Harrar, Charles Spence, Marc Ernst

Poster (Monday)

Auditory influences in V1 of mice induced by varying anesthesia level
Rüdiger Land, Andreas Engel, Andrej Kral
Neural architecture of auditory object categorization
Yune-Sang Lee, Michael Hanke, David Kraemer, Samuel Lloyd, Richard Granger
Enhanced audiovisual processing in people with one eye: Unaltered by increased temporal load
Stefania Siera Moro, Jennifer K. E Steeves
Sensory attribute identification time cannot explain the common temporal limit of binding different attributes and modalities.
Waka Fujisaki, Shin'ya Nishida
Leslie Dowell Kwakye, Brittany C Schneider, Mark T Wallace
The multisensory temporal binding window: Perceptual fusion, training, and autism
Ryan Andrew Stevenson, Mark T. Wallace
Selective adaptation for temporal information:Evidence from the classification of visual Ternus apparent motion
Huihui Zhang, Lihan Chen, Xiaolin Zhou
Conditioning influences audio-visual integration by increasing sound saliency
Fabrizio Leo, Uta Noppeney
Perceived congruence between the changing patterns of a visual image and pitch of a sound
Ki-Hong Kim, Xun Su, Shin-ichiro Iwamiya
Effect of size change and brightness change of visual stimuli on loudness perception and pitch perception of auditory stimuli
Syouya Tanabe, Mamoru Iwaki
Multisensory enhancement in auditory and visual noise in adults
Harriet Challen Downing, Ayla Barutchu, Sheila Crewther
Audio-visual peripheral localization disparity
Ryota Miyauchi, Dae-Gee Kang, Yukio Iwaya, Yôiti Suzuki
A cross-linguistic ERP examination of audiovisual speech perception between English and Japanese
Satoko Hisanaga, Kaoru Sekiyama, Tomohiko Igasaki, Nobuki Murayama
Audiovisual speech perception: acoustic and visual phonetic features contributing to the McGurk effect
Kaisa Tiippana, Martti Vainio, Mikko Tiainen
Syllable congruency of audio-visual speech stimuli facilitates the spatial ventriloquism only with bilateral visual presentations.
Shoko Kanaya, Kazuhiko Yokosawa
Context information on the McGurk effect
masayo kajimura, haruyuki kojima, hiroshi ashida
Attention effects on letter-speech sound integration
Maria Mittag, Tommi Makkonen, Kimmo Alho, Rika Takegata, Teija Kujala
Self-Voice, but not Self-Face, reduces the McGurk Effect
Christopher Aruffo, David I Shore
Face is not visually but auditorily and visually represented.
Masaharu Kato, Ryoko Mugitani
Contribution of Prosody in Audio-visual Integration to Emotional Perception of Virtual Characters
Ekaterina Volkova, Betty Mohler, Sally Linkenauger, Ivelina Alexandrova, Heinrich H. Bülthoff
Recording and validation of audiovisual expressions by faces and voices
Sachiko Takagi, Saori Hiramatsu, E.M.J. Huis in't Veld, Beatrice de Gelder, Akihiro Tanaka
Audiovisual Modulation of Attention Towards Fearful Stimuli
Martijn Balsters, Emiel Krahmer, Marc Swerts, Ad Vingerhoets
The effects of anxiety on the recognition of multisensory emotional cues with different cultural familiarity.
Ai Koizumi, Akihiro Tanaka, Hisato Imai, Eriko Hiramoto, Saori Hiramatsu, Beatrice de Gelder
How does temporal frequency affect impression formation for audio-visual stimuli?
Miharu Yamada, Makoto Ichikawa
Effect of denotative congruency on pleasant impressions for audio-visual stimuli
Yuko Masakura, Makoto Ichikawa
Individual differences on the McGurk effect : An Examination with the Autism trait and Schizotypal Personality.
YUTA UJIIE, Tomohisa Asai, Akihiro Tanaka, Kaori Asakawa, Akio Wakabayashi
Audio-visual integration of emotional information
Penny Bergman, Daniel Västfjäll, Ana Tajadura-Jiménez
Effects of Facial Expressions on Recognizing Emotions in Dance Movements
Implicit mood induction and scope of visual processing
Kei Fuji, Hirotsune Sato, Jun-ichiro Kawahara, Masayoshi Nagai
Relationships between cognitive functions and mood of elders in an institute
Michiyo Ando, Nobu Ide, Haruko Kira, Hiroko Kukihara
A basic study on P300 event-related potentials evoked by simultaneous presentation of visual and auditory stimuli for the communication interface.
Masami Hashimoto, Makoto Chishima, Kazunori Itoh, Mizue Kayama, Makoto Otani, Yoshiaki Arai
Different Neural Networks Are Involved in Cross-modal Non-spatial Inhibition of Return (IOR): The effect of the Sensory Modality of Behavioral Targets
Qi Chen, Lihui Wang
Superior Temporal Activity for the Retrieval Process of Auditory-Word Associations
Toshimune Kambara, Takashi Tsukiura, Rui Nouchi, Yayoi Shigemune, Yukihito Yomogida, Akitake Kanno, Ryuta Kawashima
Theoretical model comparison in cross-modal sensory substitution
Tzu-Chun Chen, Mu-Yun Wang
Cross-modal Correspondence between Brightness and Chinese Speech Sound with Aspiration
Sachiko Hirata, Shinichi Kita
The sense of verisimilitude has different spatial-temporal characteristics from those producing the sense of presence in the evaluation process of audiovisual contents
Takayuki Kanda, Akio Honda, Hiroshi Shibata, Nobuko Asai, Wataru Teramoto, Shuichi Sakamoto, Yukio Iwaya, Jiro Gyoba, Yôiti Suzuki
Multi-Sensory-Motor Research: Investigating Auditory, Visual and Motor Interaction in Virtual Reality Environments
Thorsten Kluss, Niclas Schult, Tim Hantel, Christoph Zetzsche, Kerstin Schill
Video Conference System That Keeps Mutual Eye Contact Among Participants
Masahiko Yahagi, Nami Moriyama, Takayuki Mori, Nobuo Nakajima
Audio-visual cross-modal association in color and sound perception
Tomoaki Nakamura, Yukio Pegio Gunji
The effects of listener’s familiarity about a talker on the free recall task of spoken words.
Chikako Oda, Naoshi Hiraoka, Shintaro Funahashi
Tactile change blindness induced by tactile and visual distractors
Malika Auvray, Alberto Gallace, Takako Yoshida, Charles Spence
Freezing in touch: Sound enhances tactile perception
Ya-Yeh Tsai, Su-Ling Yeh
See you, feel me: Watching tactile events on an actor’s body modifies subjective sensation of tactile events on one’s own body.
Richard Thomas, Daniel Curran
The coupling between gamma and theta oscillation and visuotactile integration process.
Noriaki Kanayama, Kenta Kimura, Kazuo Hiraki
Digging up von Békésy: Funneling of touches around the body
Lisa Marie Pritchett, Laurence R Harris
Fundamental evaluation of adaptation and human capabilities in a condition using a system to give a user an artificial oculomotor function to control directions of both eyes independently
Fumio Mizuno, Tomoaki Hayasaka, Takami Yamaguchi
Critical factors for inducing curved somatosensory saccades
Tamami Nakano, Shigefumi Neshime, Yuri Shojima, Shigeru Kitazawa
Auditory modulation of somatosensory spatial judgments in various body regions and locations
Yukiomi Nozoe, Kaoru Sekiyama, Wataru Teramoto
Is there audio-tactile interaction in perceptual organization?
I-Fan Lin, Makio Kashino
Event-related potentials reflect speech-relevant somatosensory-auditory interactions
Takayuki Ito, Vincent L. Gracco, David J. Ostry
Basic research for development of a communication support device using air-conducted sound localization
Rapid auditory system adaptation using a virtual auditory environment
Gaëtan Parseihian, Brian FG Katz
Distortion of auditory space during linear self-motion
Wataru Teramoto, Fumimasa Furune, Shuichi Sakamoto, Jiro Gyoba, Yo-iti Suzuki
Detection thresholds of sound image movement deteriorate during sound localization
Kagesho OHBA, Yukio IWAYA, Akio HONDA, Yôiti SUZUKI
Influence of auditory and haptic stimulation in visual perception
Shunichi Kawabata, Takuro Kawabata, Masafumi Yamada, Seika Yanagida, Atsuo Nuruki, Kazutomo Yunokuchi, John Rothwell
Analyses of spatiotemporal information of human imitated motion after visual learning of other person’s ‘darts’ throwing.
Yuya Akasaka, Miyuki G. Kamachi
Adaptation to delayed speech feedback induces temporal recalibration between vocal sensory and auditory modalities
Kosuke Yamamoto, Hideaki Kawabata
The effect of auditory stimuli on cognitive tasks: Objective performance and subjective ratings
Michiko Miyahara
The effect of oddball events on time perception
Qiongyao Shao, Tadayuki Tayama
The Triadic Mechanisms Underlying Higher Cognition
Norman D Cook
Cross-Modal Perception in the Framework of Non-Riemannian Sensory Space
Masaru Shimbo, Jun Toyama, Masashi Shimbo
An experiment of soft metrology about the influence of visual and auditory disturbing factors on human performance
Laura Rossi, Alessandro Schiavi, Paola Iacomussi, Giuseppe Rossi, Arianna Astolfi

Poster (Tuesday)

How sounds shape visual processing – acoustic modulation of primary and higher visual cortices
Christoph Kayser
Interaction between space and effectiveness in multisensory integration: behavioral and perceptual measures
Aaron R Nidiffer, Ryan A Stevenson, Juliane Krueger-Fister, Zachary P Barnett, Mark T Wallace
Sensory Dominance Depends on Locus of Attentional Selection: Cross-modal Distraction at Different Levels of Information Processing
Qi Chen, Ming Zhang, Xiaolin Zhou
Multisensory interactions across spatial location and temporal synchrony
Ryan Andrew Stevenson, Juliane Krueger Fister, Zachary P. Barnett, Aaron R. Nidiffer, Mark T. Wallace
Spatial-specific and object-specific audiovisual temporal recalibration
Xiangyong Yuan, Xiting Huang
Retroactive Adjustement of Perceived Time
Maria Chait
Temporal aspects of sound induced visual fission and fusion in the double-flash illusion paradigm.
Lars T Boenke, Richard Höchenberger, Frank W. Ohl, David Alais
Audiovisual interaction in time perception
Kuan-Ming Chen, Su-Ling Yeh
Influence of auditory stimulation on visual action perception
Matthias Bischoff, Britta Lorey, Sebastian Pilgramm, Karen Zentgraf, Rudolf Stark, Dieter Vaitl, Jörn Munzert
Perceived non-overlap of objects in an audiovisual stream/bounce display
Yousuke Kawachi
Stream/bounce phenomenon in audition: change in the perceptual organization by an abrupt event in vision and audition
Hidekazu Yasuhara, Shinichi Kita
Localisation of moving audio-visual objects in free-field
Kristina Schmiedchen, Nicole Richter, Claudia Freigang, Ines Nitsche, Rudolf Rübsamen
Effects of auditory stimuli on visual velocity perception
Michiaki Shibata, Jiro Gyoba
A fundamental study on influence of concurrently presented visual stimulus upon loudness perception
koji abe, shota tsujimura, shouichi takane, kanji watanabe, sojun sato
Visual target localization, the effect of allocentric audiovisual reference frame
David Hartnagel, Julien Chataignier, Lionel Pellieux, Patrick M.B. Sandor
How auditory information influences volitional control in binocular rivalry: Modulation of a top-down attentional effect
Manuel Vidal, Victor Barrès
Semantic congruency in audiovisual integration as revealed by the continuous flash suppression paradigm
Yung-Hao Yang, Su-Ling Yeh
Kazutomo Fukue, Kenji Ozawa, Yuichiro Kinoshita
Eye movement during silent and oral reading: How can we compensate the loss of multisensory process during silent reading?
Maiko Takahashi, Sachiko Kiyokawa
Crossmodal activation of visual object regions for auditorily presented concrete words
Jasper Jacobus Franciscus van den Bosch, Derya Dogruel, Jochen Kaiser, Christian Fiebach, Marcus Naumer
Learning novel visual to auditory sensory substitution algorithm (SSA) reveal fast, context dependent plasticity in multisensory perception system
uri hertz
Audio-visual integration modifies emotional judgment in music
Shen-Yuan Su, Su-Ling Yeh
A Multi-Technique Source Localization Approach of “Tactile” Lasers in Peri-Personal Space
Katsumi Minakata, Wolfgang A. Teder
Crossmodal contextual effects of tactile flankers on the detection of visual targets
Yuichi Wada
Cross-modal learning between visual and vibration signals in zebrafish Danio rerio
Mu-Yun Wang, Lars Chittka
Tactile detection threshold is changed according to temporal synchrony with visual stimulus.
Yumi Ju, Kyoung-Min Lee
Red is no warmer than blue: A challenge to the semantic coding hypothesis
George Van Doorn, Mark Symmons, Barry Richardson
Somatotopic representation of visual stimuli – Evidence from the Simon effect
Jared Medina, Michael P. Greenberg, H. Branch Coslett, Roy H. Hamilton
Plasticity in body and space representations after amputation and prosthesis implantation
Elisa Canzoneri, Elisa Magosso, Amedeo Amoresano, Andrea Serino
Basic study on the visual-haptic system to give a sense of shape using pseudo-haptic effects
Yuki Ban
Oliver M Toskovic
A multi-sensory illusion: Hong Kong Peak Tram Illusion
Chiahuei Tseng
Visual-haptic integration: cue weights are varied appropriately, to account for changes in haptic reliability introduced by using a tool.
Chie Takahashi, Simon J Watt
Similarity and difference in symmetry between the visual and haptic motional representations
Mitsumasa Takahashi, Kazumichi Matsumiya, Ichiro Kuriki, Rumi Tokunaga, Satoshi Shioiri
Eye muscle proprioceptive manipulation confirms spatial bias in visual attention towards the perceived direction of gaze
Daniela Balslev, William Newman, Paul Knox
Biphasic Alpha Lateralization in Pro- and Anti-Saccade task: Electrophysiological Evidence of Overlapping Attentional Mechanisms.
Daniel Belyusar, Adam C Snyder, Hans-Peter Frey, John J Foxe
Integration of visual and vestibular information used to discriminate rotational self-motion
Florian Soyka, Ksander de Winkel, Michael Barnett-Cowan, Eric Groen, Heinrich H. Bülthoff
Riding a motorcycle simulator: how do visual and non-visual cues contribute to the illusion of leaning in a bend.
Virginie Dagonneau, Régis Lobjois, Stéphane Caro, Amit Shahar, Isabelle Israël
Reconstruction of Spatial Cognition from Other's View and Motion Information
Kyo Hattori, Daisuke Kondo, Yuki Hashimoto, Tomoko Yonemura, Hiroyuki Iizuka, Hideyuki Ando, Taro Maeda
Velocity modulation of optical flow affects self-motion perception during body motion
Tomoko Yonemura, Shin Okamoto, Hiroki Kawasaki, Daisuke Kondo, Yuki hashimoto, Hiroyuki Iizuka, Hideyuki Ando, Taro Maeda
Effects of visual vertical and motion for visually-induced body sway.
Toshihiro Takahashi, Makoto Inagami, Hirohiko Kaneko
Psychophysical Influence of Mixed-Reality Visual Stimulation on Sense of Center-Of-Gravity
Hiroki Omosako, Asako Kimura, Fumihisa Shibata, Hideyuki Tamura
Effects of different types of 3D rest frames on reducing cybersickness in a virtual environment
KyungHun HAN, ChangHoon Park, EungSuk Kim, DaeGuen Kim, SungHo Woo, JiWoon Jeong, InJae Hwang, HyunTaek Kim
Integration of visual, vestibular and somatosensory information for the perception of gravitational vertical and forward self-motion
Yuji Kasahara, Hirohiko Kaneko, Makoto Inagami
Neural correlates of realistic and unrealistic auditory space perception
Akiko Callan, Hiroshi Ando
An Effect of Virtual Horizontally Moving Sound Images on Self-Motion Perception
Keisuke Tokunaga, Mamoru Iwaki
The effects of head movement and accurate proprioceptive feedback in training of sound localization
Akio Honda, Hiroshi SHIBATA, Souta HIDAKA, Jiro GYOBA, Yukio IWAYA, Yôiti SUZUKI
Sound localization in the coexistence of visually induced self-motion and vestibular information
Hideaki TERASHIMA, Zhenglie CUI, Shuichi SAKAMOTO, Yukio IWAYA, Yoiti SUZUKI
Modulation of motion perception of ipsilateral tactile stimuli using sound
Yuika Suzuki, Yousuke Kawachi
Consistent wind facilitates vection
Masaki Ogawa, Takeharu Seno, Hiroyuki Ito, Shoji Sunaga
Effect of an hour-long stereoscopic film on human body
Masumi Takada, Kiichi Murakami, Yasuyuki Matsuura, Hiroki Takada, Satoshi Iwase, Masaru Miyao
Interactions between flavor and taste: Using dashi soup as a taste stimulus
Nobuyuki Sakai, Manami Fujimoto, Megumi Murata
Interaction between olfactory and somatosensory perception: Do odors in close categories have similar effects?
Yurie Nishino, Dong Wook Kim, Juan Liu, Hiroshi Ando
Synesthetic colors for Japanese scripts in Japanese synesthetes
Kazuhiko Yokosawa, Michiko Asano
The effect of the presence of an observer on prefrontal cortex during a driving video game: A near-infrared spectroscopy study
Tao Liu, Hirofumi Saito, Misato Oi
multimodal Social networks Video content indexing
feryel souami
Effects of lighting direction on the impression of faces and objects and the role of gaze direction in the impression-forming
Keiichi Horibata, Qian Shang, Kanami Narita, Haruo Hibino, Shinichi Koyama
Manipulating intent alters perception of depth-from-rotation display
Masahiro Ishii, Daishi Nakamura
Affective Priming caused by Lying
Megumi SATO

Poster (Wednesday)

Multisensory illusions and the temporal binding window
Ryan Andrew Stevenson, Raquel K. Zemtsov, Mark T. Wallace
The occurrence rate of the fission illusion differs depending on the complexity of visual stimuli
Yasuhiro Takeshima, Jiro Gyoba
Dynamics of multi sensory tracking.
johahn leung, Vincent Wei, Simon Carlile
Mislocalization of a visual flash in the direction of subsequent auditory motion
Takahiro Kawabe, Shin'ya Nishida
Dissociating attention and audiovisual integration in the sound-facilitatory effect on metacontrast masking
Yi-Chia Chen, Su-Ling Yeh
Interplay of multisensory processing, attention, and consciousness as revealed by bistable figures
Su-Ling Yeh, Jhih-Yun Hsiao, Yi-Chuan Chen, Charles Spence
Spatial and semantic processing between audition and vision: an event-related potential study
Xiaoxi Chen, Zhenzhu Yue, Dingguo Gao
Interactive processing of auditory amplitude-modulation rate and visual spatial frequency.
Marcia Grabowecky, Emmanuel Guzman-Martinez, Laura Ortega, Julia Mossbridge
Synchronous Sounds Enhance Visual Sensitivity without Reducing Target Uncertainty
Yi-Chuan Chen, Pi-Chun Huang, Su-Ling Yeh, Charles Spence
Immature multisensory enhancement in auditory and visual noise in adolescents.
Harriet Challen Downing, Ayla Barutchu, Sheila Crewther
Unimodal and multi-modal perception of cellular phones: a multidimensional scaling study
Yusuke Yamani, Hyun Woo, Jason S. McCarley, Deana C. McDonagh
The characteristics of visual and tactual activities after the congenital cataract operation.
Masaharu Sasaki
Extended peripersonal space in professional fencers
Andrea Serino, Elisa Canzoneri, Fabrizio Leo, Camilla Furetta, Elisabetta Làdavas
Eriko Shibata, Fuminari Kaneko, Tatsuya Hayami, Keita Nagahata, Masaki Katayose
The build-up course of visuo-motor and audio-motor temporal recalibration
Yoshimori Sugano, Mirjam Keetels, Jean Vroomen
Attention affects the transfer of the sensory-motor recalibration in temporal order judgment across modalities
masaki tsujita, Makoto Ichikawa
The effect of delayed visual feedback on synchrony perception in a tapping task
Mirjam Keetels, Jean Vroomen
The improved sensitivity to crossmodal asynchrony caused by voluntary action: Comparing combinations of sensory modalities.
Norimichi Kitagawa, Masaharu Kato, Makio Kashino
Perspective modulates temporal synchrony discrimination of visual and proprioceptive information in self-generated movements
Adria Erin Nicole Hoover, Laurence Roy Harris
Purposeful goal-directed movements give rise to higher tactile discrimination performance
Georgiana Juravle, Charles Spence
Visual Influences in Temporal Coordination of a String Quartet
Satoshi Endo
Different effect of passive and active hand movement on 3-D perception
Hiroyuki Umemura
The Effect of Fatigued External Rotator Muscles of the Shoulder on the Shoulder Position Sense
Naoya Iida, Fuminari Kaneko, Nobuhiro Aoki, Yoshinari Sakaki
The effect of auditory stream segregation on synchronized tapping
Yui Ashitani, Akira Ishiguchi
Action-induced rubber hand illusion
Pao-Chou Cho, Timothy Lane, Su-Ling Yeh
The effects of body action and attentive anticipation on oculomotor fixation stability
Hyosun Choi, Kyoung-Min Lee
PD patients with movement problem also showed the deficit of object representation in movable objects
Hsu Li-Chuan, Yi-Min Tien, Wei-Chi Lin
Self-produced tickle sensation by manipulating visual feedback
Hiroyuki Iizuka, Hideyuki Ando, Taro Maeda
Effect of visual angle on the head movement caused by changing binocular disparity.
Toru Maekawa, Hirohiko Kaneko, Makoto Inagami
Effects of visual transformation on object manipulation in 3D space
Juan Liu, Hiroshi Ando
Eye movement-related activity in and below the macaque auditory cortex.
Yoshinao Kajikawa, Charles Schroeder
Spatial Alignment of the Senses: The Role of Audition in Eye-Hand-Coordination
Thorsten Kluss, Niclas Schult, Kerstin Schill, Christoph Zetzsche, Manfred Fahle
Effects of compression by means of sports socks on the ankle kinesthesia
Tatsuya Hayami, Fuminari Kaneko, Naoya Iida, Eriko Shibata, Nobuhiro Aoki, Takashi Miura, Tetsuji Iwasaki
What you smell affects different components of your visual attention.
Chen-An li, Su-Ling Yeh
What and how you see affects your appetite
Hsin-I Liao, Shinsuke Shimojo, Szu-Chi Huang, Su-Ling Yeh
Color congruent odorant is perceived prominently in mixture odor
Mari ARAO, Maya SUZUKI, Jun'ichi KATAYAMA, Akihiro YAGI
Tasting with eyes.
Nobuyuki Sakai
Experimental Study on Subjective Evaluation for Visual Information by Event-Related Potential - Evaluation of Food and Its Appearance -
Motoshi Tanaka, Hiroshi Inoue, Yoshitsugu Niiyama
Visually perceived fat content of foods affects response time
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Stimulation with an intermittent fragrance relieves the sleepiness of a driver.
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Roles of illustrators in visual communication of scientific knowledge
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